Making Healthy Food Choices for Longevity

The fact is, the food we eat greatly determines the length of time we live. Good eating habits will pay off in the long run, not only in the amount of time we live, but also in the quality of life that we can enjoy. In this guide we’ll give you some ideas on making healthy food choices, the types of healthy food recipes to look for and a few other tips that will contribute to your sense of well being now, and in the future.

Healthy Foods to Choose

In general, whole foods are a better option than highly processed foods. Our bodies do well with a high percentage of fiber in our diet, and the best way to get fiber is through whole foods. If you’re new to the idea of whole foods, think of it as eating foods whose ingredients you can readily identify. An apple, for example is a whole food. As are potatoes, fish, beans, vegetables and rice. Processed foods on the other hand, contain many different ingredients, some which may even be hidden. Examples would be enriched white bread, cookies, crackers, or any other food that is a combination of foods that have been processed to make the end result.

Healthy Food Recipes Begins with Favorites

The best way to go about preparing healthy food is to think of your favorite dishes and then begin to substitute in healthy ingredients. If you’ve been making chilli for example, begin to add more vegetables like onions and green peppers to your recipe. If you’ve been buying pre-made foods, begin experimenting with making your own versions.

Health Tips for Long Life

Drink enough water. Your body is mostly water and all of your cells require water in order to perform their functions. Every major system relies on water and when it doesn’t have enough, your whole being suffers. Try to drink at least 64 ounces of pure water in addition to any other liquids you consume. If you make no other change to your eating habits, drink more water.

Exercise daily. Our bodies were designed to move. Even beyond the physical benefits of exercise, there are mental and spiritual benefits as well. Exercise relieves stress, promotes limber joints and helps to give you a fresh perspective.

Living a long life is a goal we can all strive to achieve. By eating right and following a few other health tips on a consistent basis, we may just be able to increase the quality of life, and possibly even it’s length.

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