How To Go For Healthy Food Choices At Fast Food Chains

When your friends or coworkers ask you to go to a fast food place for lunch, what is the first thing that is on your mind? You are probably thinking about high fat, high calories, and bigger gut. Have you read an article on someone who ended up losing over one hundred pounds when that person was eating three cheeseburgers per day? This might shock you because you probably think it is impossible to lose weight when you eat fast food. The truth is that the typical cheeseburgers at McDonald’s are about 400 calories each so that will be 1200 calories daily if you eat three cheeseburgers.

Nowadays, most fast food chains will offer healthy options at the place. For example, at Wendy’s, you can get side salad instead of fries. You can even eat a big salad at fast food place but try to go easy on the dressings. They give you a large packet of dressings, but just use a bit to enjoy the flavor without over indulging it, or opt for a low calorie/low fat dressing instead. Even some salads can be unhealthy, for example, the ones with crispy chicken and bacon, grilled chicken will always be better.

You can always opt for a diet soda instead of regular soda. You just need to get used to the taste if you hate it. If this is something that is difficult for you, you can go with water, or even a small soda, followed up by refills of water or unsweetened tea. Generally, the fries at any fast food places will have more calories than the sandwiches and sodas combined. For example, medium sized fries can go for about 500-600 calories while most sandwiches will have about 400 calories, plus good source of protein from the meat. The fries are just empty calories that are high in saturated fat and will not fill you up. This is why some people would still feel hungry even after eating large quantities of fries.

You should also look at the calories content when you want to order pizza from popular places such as Dominos pizza, Pizza Hut, and Black Jack’s. Pizza is often high in calories, and the answer is to eat it in moderation. Have a piece or even two, but make a couple trips to the salad bar and choose healthy low fat ingredients with all vegetables, or make your own salad at home. When you do this, your body will thank you, and get to feel like you are indulging with a piece of your favorite pizza.

The answer to how to choose healthy fast food is to eat in moderation. If you are dying for a hamburger and fries, then go ahead and eat it. But this should not be a habit or a common routine. Also, look at the rest of your day and try to accommodate the extra fat and calories you had. Opt for a healthy low fat meal for dinner, or go for an extra walk after dinner. Eating healthy foods is about the whole picture, not just about one splurge that seems to defeat your diet plans.

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    im looking for a plan for 1400 cals. for my 5 yrs. she has asthma and her meds has played a big role in the situation but we have really been taking this serious since Friday and she is doing very well so any information you can send me to keep her meals from getting boring please do because i want her to HEALTHY like my other two that are on college playing sports

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