Healthy Eating Plans: Do Low-Carb Diets Work?

Healthy Eating Plans and Low Carb Diets: Are you counting carbs to curb an expanding waistline and steer clear of serious illnesses associated with excess weight?

Many people believe that cutting carbohydrates is the ideal weight loss strategy, but doctors and nutritionists say a low-carb diet is not without its risks.  Because you cut back on important nutrients the body needs for energy and optimum functioning, you expose your body to health risks.  For those who are determined to make the low-carb diet work anyhow, after trying other so-called healthy eating plans and/or eating healthy foods to no avail, there are some things you need to do other than relying on reduced carbs and calories.  If busy schedules prevent you from preparing meals laden with high-quality proteins (those which are low in saturated fast) from sources that include lean meats, fish, eggs and yogurt, you may add a premium quality protein supplement powder that will support your body’s potential to maintain muscle mass. That should take care of your protein requirement while you are shedding unwanted fat.  Vitamin supplements will also most likely be recommended by your doctor.

If you happen  to have teens in the family who also want to try healthy eating plans, notably a low-carb diet, make sure they still get five or more servings of fruits and vegetables and whole grain foods on a daily basis.  A diet that is low-carb tends to reduce key vitamins and minerals, particularly folic acid. Inform your teenage kids that  while a low-carb diet may lead to rapid weight loss, what they are losing is not body fat but muscle glycogen and water, which may leave them feeling sluggish and fatigued. In short, discourage youngsters from trying the low-carb diet plan if you can. You would not want them to contract serious illnesses or to experience effects like bone loss (because of lack of intake of alkalizing minerals like potassium) or have their bodies go into a state of shock.

Indeed, an individual bent on adhering to healthy eating plans who wishes to try the low-carb diet route must be well-informed about the repercussions and take numerous precautionary steps. For those opting for ready-made packed low-carb food options, read the label first so as not to be duped. There are many pricey food products now in the marketplace claiming to have reduced carbohydrates but pack in almost the same number of calories than their regular counterparts.

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