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Because this is my first post, I thought I would take the time to identify the purpose of this blog. I know that basically EVERYONE realizes that eating healthy foods is important; however, buying the “right” foods for you and your family can be overwhelming: we have organic foods, super foods, frozen foods, health store foods, whole foods, foods that can improve the immune system, heart health foods, diabetic health foods, and an array of other choices.

I want this blog to be one where you can come to get some valuable healthy eating information. I will start by talking about individual foods and categorize them is such a way that you can look for them based on your individual needs. (i.e. brain health, heart health, diabetic health, etc.) I will also talk about all different types of foods such as organic health food, whole foods, recipes, ideas for eating better, and much, much more!

Fresh vegetables are common in a healthy diet.

There are numerous websites and books that you can get on the subject of healthy eating. One good one talks about nutritional supplements. Information in this field is not lacking, I also plan to include a few book reviews and reference some good internet sites on related nutritional subjects. I think as I go along, this blog will take on a life of its own, but for now, I think I will just concentrate on the particular benefits of individual foods. I have a huge list and it is acutally already alphabetized! This could also be helpful as you can just use the search box to see if I have provided information on a certain food.

Another important point I want to bring up is that we hear so much about what we should not be eating, but all to often we do not hear specifically what we should be eating. We may hear to eat fruits and veggies, but what are the best ones for overall health, energy, and functioning?  This blog is going to attempt to answer some of these questions on the best way to approach healthy eating. Information on particular foods will be provided on at least a bi-weekly basis.

So stay tuned, and I look forward to your comments!

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