Boost Your Immunity by Eating Healthy Cookies

We all know that chicken soup is just what the doctor ordered when you’re sick in bed and that a nice hot cup of tea drizzled with honey and a squeeze of fresh lemon will soothe even the sorest throat. But did you know that you can actually boost your immunity and help prevent the onset of a cold or flu by eating healthy cookies?

It’s true. By loading up your favorite cookie recipe with a few powerful ingredients, you can increase the all-important nutrients that your body needs to help keep viruses away. Here are a few examples of tasty ingredients you can add to any basic recipe to create the perfect cold combating cookie.


These little red gems pack a powerful punch when it comes to adding antioxidants to your diet. They actually contain twice as many as an apple so if an apple a day keeps the doctor away then imagine what a cup of these can do? Dried cranberries tend to work best in cookie recipes.


Walnuts contain zinc (who knew?) which is an important nutrient in any healthy diet. Zinc not only stops viruses from spreading throughout the body but also helps speed up your recovery from a cold or flu. If you buy whole walnuts, chop them up in your Cuisinart Food Processor beforehand to release the essential oils for maximum flavor. By adding a few tablespoons of walnuts to your cookies, you’ll be adding a whole lot more than just a delicious crunch.


Good old fashioned rolled oats are a free radicals worst nightmare. Oats contain selenium which can effectively fight off damaging molecules that try to attack the body from the inside and out. So don’t save these for oatmeal – add them to your healthy cookies instead.


People have been singing the medicinal praises of ginger for centuries – as far back as the 16th century to be exact! Ginger’s antiviral properties help combat colds and the natural presence of antihistamine aids in reducing congestion. Just a pinch of this zesty spice can do wonders for adding flavor and nutrients.


Adding yogurt to your cookie recipe is the best way to ensure your body will be able to absorb the vitamins and minerals supplied by the other healthy ingredients. Yogurt’s bacteria balancing cultures keep your digestive tract clean and clear and ready to absorb healthy nutrients.

Citrus Fruit

Adding a bit of citrus to your cookie will help perk up the taste buds, brighten the flavor and add an essential amount of Vitamin C. Use both the zest and the juice of the fruit to get the maximum benefit in your recipe.

So the next time you feel a cold coming on, get in your kitchen a bake up a delicious batch of healthy cookies. They are the perfect compliment to a hot bowl of chicken soup and a warm cup of honey tea with lemon.


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