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How many times have you run to the pantry only to grab a toaster and the pop-tarts before darting out the door to take the kids to school?  Chances are, such an episode is rather frequent.  In our highly technified world of hurry and bustle, we rarely take the time to feed our children nutritious breakfasts.  Here are a few healthy breakfast ideas that, although not as quick as pop-tarts, are a viable alternative to a full, sit-down meal.


Fruit Smoothie

One of my absolute favorite ideas for a healthy breakfast is a fruit smoothie.  At my house we call them “green drinks.”  Now perhaps you have heard of green drinks before and are turning away from this post right now.  Hey, here at our breakfast table, my dad was raised on sugary breakfasts and we rarely have eggs, sausage, and grits or the like.  So I know how to make a healthy and super-tasty green drink.  In all actuality, our green drinks are usually nothing more than half a bunch of kale leaves, two bananas, honey, water, and ice cubes all mixed up in the VitaMix.  However, if you have picky kids or need more substance, add some frozen fruit such as blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, or even frozen bananas.  These are fast drinks that are perfect for breakfast on a hurried day.

Another healthy breakfast idea is granola or oatmeal.  We make our own granola here at home, and while we usually don’t have enough to last more than a morning, it is an ideal way to make breakfast ahead when you have the time.  Simply make the granola during a free afternoon, then keep it in the pantry until you need a fast breakfast!  Oatmeal is also very good for cold winter mornings with a bit of honey and a little milk!

Cottage Cheese and Banana
My very favorite healthy breakfast has been around in our family since I was barely old enough to make breakfast for myself and my siblings–cottage cheese and banana.  This is such a simple meal, but oh-so-tasty.  The cottage cheese provides protein and fat, while the banana gives an added boost of energy to start off the day.  This breakfast is perfect for young kids.

Eggs and Toast

None of us are young anymore; and if you must know, our standard daily breakfast now (with kids ranging from 23 to 15) is poached eggs and toast.  Not so quick, but delicious…and fortifying enough to sustain five athletic kids through the morning!

These healthy breakfast ideas are just a sprinkling of the ways that you can use basic, healthy, and filling ingredients to feed your children even on the run.  Remember, the breakfast meal is the most important meal of the day.  Don’t waste it!

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