Healthiest food to eat when you want to lose weight

Diet! Diet! Diet! That’s what we usually remind ourselves when we want to lose weight since it is easier to control what we eat than sweating like a pig in a gym. Dieting is indeed the easiest way to shed some pounds. There are different diet weight loss programs available today, all of which promise fast results. Some may really be able to help you lose weight; while others are just hoax aiming to burn a whole in your pocket. But what kind of diet does make you lose weight healthy?

Health experts explain that the excess calories from the food we eat are stored in the body as fat; however this body fat may not be permanently there if you do something about it like exercise regularly. Furthermore, calories are very important because they provide us with energy to do our daily tasks, both physical and physiological. For this reason, nutritionists recommended eating foods from all the food groups daily but consume the low-calorie alternatives.

The major food groups include Carbohydrates which provide the body with real-time energy, Protein that helps build and repair the muscles, Fats which provide insulation and reserved energy, Calcium that makes the bones and teeth stronger, and Vitamins and Minerals which help boost the body’s immunity. Although the body needs the nutrients from these food groups, you have to be careful because some food items contain large amount of calories that could really add numbers to the scale.

To help you understand better how to plan your diet, we outline a list of the best weight loss foods. These are among the lowest calorie foods belonging to different food groups. Mix and match these foods to produce a healthy and sumptuous diet.

Porridge oats 55 calories/100gms
Boiled noodles 70 calories/100gms
Steamed Brown rice 135 calories/100gms
Whole grain bread 88 calories/slice

Tuna 100 calories/100gms
Turkey without skin 130 calories/100gms
Lean beef 175 calories/100gms
Canadian bacon 43 calories/slice

Corn oil or Olive oil 135 calories/tbsp
Avocado 50 calories/100gms

Skimmed milk 38 calories/100gms
Cottage cheese 98 calories/100gms
Reduced fat yogurt 45 calories/100gms

Vitamins and Minerals:
Apple 44 calories/100gms
Strawberries 30 calories/100gms
Pineapple 40 calories/100gms
Lettuce 15 calories/100gms
Tomato 20 calories/100gms
Celery 10 calories/100gms

SAMPLE MENU: 1189 total calories

Breakfast 2 slices Canadian bacon 86 calories
Porridge Oats (300gms.) 165 calories

Snacks medium apple 44 calories

Lunch Tuna Sandwich
-Tuna 100 calories
-2 slices whole grain Bread 176 calories
-Lettuce (25gms) 4 calories
-Tomato (25gms) 5 calories

Snacks reduced fat yogurt (200gms) 90 calories
With fresh strawberries (100gms) 30 calories

Dinner Lean beef steak (125gms) 219 calories
Steamed brown rice (200gms) 270 calories

As you can observe from the sample menu, we included items from each food group thus allowing the consumption of all nutrients necessary for normal body function without compromising the low-calorie diet. Also, the selection is not limited to fresh fruits and vegetables as what most people believed. With less than 1200 calorie consumption per day, you will surely be on your way to losing those extra pounds the healthiest possible way.

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