Labels Help to Reveal Healthy Foods to Eat

Thanks to new laws concerning the information to be included on any label that goes on a food or beverage, consumers can have better luck with finding healthy foods to eat. They need to look for items that contain a generous number of vitamins and minerals.

Now consumers must note two separate pieces of information, both of which should be found on a properly labeled food product. They should take the time to study both what different nutrients can be found in any packaged food, and the extent to which any nutrient satisfies the minimum daily needs of a healthy human body.

Healthful foods contain a fair sized amount of both fat soluble and water soluble vitamins. They also furnish the body with important major minerals. In addition, foods contribute to maintenance of good health when they can serve as the source of one or more trace minerals.

Sometimes even people who consume large quantities of healthy foods need to take dietary supplements. People who live in areas where the soil has a low level of selenium could benefit from the use of a supplement rich in selenium. By using such a supplement, they could lower their risk for lung cancer, colorectal cancer and, in the case of men, prostate cancer.

In 1994 a federal panel of medical professionals and nutritionists warned that consumers might not be taking in an adequate amount of calcium. They suggested that calcium supplements might be an essential requirement of the typical diet. Following the issuance of that report, a number of manufacturers began adding calcium to one or more of their food products.

Today, grocery store shelves contain boxes of cereal with added amounts of calcium. In the refrigerated section of grocery stores, one can find orange juice cartons that promise an added amount of an unexpected mineral–calcium. All of these foods can help the average citizen that is looking to eat healthier.

If you are a vegetarian, then you must make sure that you eat a healthful mix of high protein snacks and foods. You need to supply your body with a full and complete range of the various amino acids. Then you can maintain good health, while you lower your cholesterol level and hold off any sort of heart disease.

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