The Health Benefits of Drinking Fresh Juices

The healing power of drinking fresh juices regularly is amazing. With each glass that you drink you are providing yourself with a wonderful cocktail of densely concentration liquid nutrition. Juicing promotes overall health and well-being, revitalizes us and protects us from disease. There have been many books written about these amazing health benefits of fresh juices and about treating specific diseases and health conditions. There are endless lists of testimonials that give weight to the healing power of juices too. So what is about fresh juice that is so profoundly good for us?

The healing power of juicing breaks down into two fundamental things – living enzymes and easily digested and assimilated nutrients.

Living Enzymes
One major advantage of eating raw fruits and vegetables (or juicing them) as opposed to cooking them or subjecting them to other processing methods is that we benefit from the living enzymes that they contain. Cooking fruits and vegetables, even just a bit, will kill all these enzymes. So what are these enzymes and what can they do for us?

To not sound too dramatic – enzymes are life! Enzymes are as necessary to our well-being as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, protein, essential fats and complex carbohydrates. If there are not living enzymes in our diet then the body is forced to squander its own reserves to provide them. Processed foods, like sodas, commercial juices, burgers, fries, ice cream, pizza, etc, contains zero living enzymes and the body has to make up for the lack. So it is important to drink and/or eat raw fruits and vegetables everyday to maintain and achieve optimum help.

Most of these enzymes found in fruits and vegetables are in the form of digestive enzymes but they contain other types of enzymes too. When we consume raw fruits and vegetables they come with the enzymes needed to digest themselves in our stomachs! Other kinds of enzymes are catalysts needed for aiding in all kinds of chemical reactions that fuel and maintain our cells.

Easily Digested and Assimilated Nutrients
So part of the ease of digestion of fresh juices and fresh fruit and vegetables has already been answered in that they come with the enzymes that help to digest them. Now where the health benefits of juicing stand apart from eating whole fruits and vegetables is the lack of insoluble fiber in fresh juice. The insoluble fibers are the tough part of fruits and vegetables to digest and is the reason that fresh juices are easier to digest. In fact fresh juices require almost no digestion. This greatly increases the bio-availability of the nutrients, meaning that the percentage of the nutrients digested, absorbed into the blood stream and assimilated into our cells is higher. So not only are fresh juices loaded with nutrients, very few of them are wasted. Fresh juices are the most bio-available food on the planet.

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