Honey is Amazing! Why You Should Be Eating It!

Everyone wishes there was a pill they could take that would make them healthy. Unfortunately, no such pill exists. What does exist, however, is food. Hippocrates, the father of western medicine said, “Let food be thy medicine.” He knew that food contains everything that we need to be healthy.


Food that is as close to nature as possible provides all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we need to keep our bodies in tip-top, healthy shape. The problem is that we have become slaves to our busy lifestyles, and we eat way too much processed food. Processing food takes away the good stuff and leaves us with empty calories. While we may not be able to eat healthy all of the time, we can find some foods that are easy to add into our busy lifestyles that can be good for us.

One of the sweetest ones is honey. Honey is a treasure trove of many good things like vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients our bodies need, plus it tastes good. Honey also has wonderful healing powers not readily found in other foods. It is easy to add it to your diet, just use it anywhere you would use sugar. Just five tablespoons a day is enough to absorb all of the wonderful honey benefits.

Though honey contains many necessary vitamins and minerals, its medicinal uses are where the real health benefits of honey lie. Scientists have conducted studies on how honey works, and have finally isolated the beneficial ingredient. There is a protein in honey called defensin-1. This protein is what gives honey its antibiotic and antimicrobial properties. Researchers hope that in the future honey can be used to treat staph infections like MRSA that have become resistant to the antibiotics that are currently available.

Honey is also used to treat wounds and ulcers. There have been many studies performed using honey on wounds after surgery, and the patients that used honey healed faster than those using traditional methods. It has also been successfully used on burn patients. There is very little moisture in honey and this property, along with honey’s antibacterial properties help to keep bacteria from gaining a foothold in the wound.

There has been some controversy recently about honey that is on the grocery shelves. One investigation claimed that 75 percent of honey in stores was not really honey. Popular honey brands were tested for pollen, and there was no pollen to be found. Researchers believe that the reason for this is that the honey has been ultra-pasteurized and ultra-filtered. The only reason to do this is to hide where it originated. The fear is that the honey is from China. China has had some dubious dealings with their honey, and tainted honey from China contains everything from toxic chemicals to antibiotics. Chinese honey is falsely labeled as pure honey, or 100 percent honey, when it really is not. In addition, all of the beneficial properties of the honey have been removed because of the purification.

In light of this, the best place to get honey is from a local beekeeper. This is to insure that you are getting pure, unadulterated honey that contains all of the healthy benefits. If there are no local beekeepers, then shopping online would seem to be the best bet. One of the best honeys available is Manuka honey from New Zealand. Bees can pick up toxins from where they travel, and these toxins can find their way into the honey. New Zealand has low pollution, and it is the perfect environment for bees. Manuka honey is the preferred type for use in healing.

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