HCG Hormones Truths And Myths

HCG is a hormone that is mainly produced during pregnancy. This hormone can be found in the blood eleven days after conception and is detected from urine about two weeks after conceiving. Although most people associate the HCG hormone with pregnancy, it can actually be found in both males and females. For pregnant women, it helps to transport nutrients to the placenta, helping the fetus to grow.

The HCG weight loss kits are marketed to help individuals lose between one pound to three pounds every day. This treatment combines HCG shots with a low calorie diet to produce maximum results. Individuals should only consume five hundred calories every day. Although it may seem like a lot, five hundred calories is a very restrictive diet. In reality, it is too little to support standard brain functions. To compensate for the deficiency, the body uses stores of protein, glycogen, and some levels of fat.

Some common symptoms of this program include cranky behavior, lightheaded feelings, and irritable emotions. This is because the body will act unnaturally because it is not used to having so little nutrients to the body. These shots have not been approved by the FDA, so it is not a proven method for healthy living and safe weight loss.

Side effects of HCG may include dizziness, confusion, blood clotting, headaches, depression, and mood swings. Some women may also experience a condition known as Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome or OHSS. The symptoms of OHSS may include weight gain, diarrhea, breathing problems, and swelling on the limbs.

Losing weight is a difficult process that requires a lot of patience and hard work. A good physique will not come in a pill, potion, or shot. Although there are some products that can make the weight loss process faster, having a healthy diet and proper exercise are the most important factors.

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