What is HCG Dieting?

There is a lot of confusion on how the hcg diet actually works. It is important that before your try a diet that you consult with your physician and fully understand exactly how the diet works. Do not simply follow the crowds and buy hcg drops until you have learned the basics. The real goal of any diet should be to jump into a new and healthier life. Too many people chase diet after diet without ever learning how to properly take care of themselves. Use this diet as a jump start into a different healthier life. There are two main parts to the hcg diet. The first is the administration of a natural hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin, and the second is a low calorie diet.

Human chorionic gonadtropin (hcg) is a hormone produced early in pregnancy by the placenta which when administered stimulates the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the gland in the brain in charge of fat burning and fat storage. One of the problems a lot of dieters find themselves in is that they have overwhelmed their hypothalamus by over eating and eating foods heavy in saturated fats. The hypothalamus simply starts storing fat instead of burning it which makes it easier to gain more weight. When stimulated the hypothalamus will begin to readily release the bodies stored fat. It is important to realize that the hormone itself will not cause weight loss. It must be accompanied with a low calorie diet.

The low calorie diet is the price you must pay to experience the rapid weight loss experienced by thousands of other hcg dieters. To take full advantage of the hormone you must limit your daily caloric intake. This will force your body to burn abnormal stored body fat instead of the food you eat. On average dieters sticking to the diet will lose over a pound a day on this protocol. The low calorie diet is not easy. It requires only eating 500 calories a day. This will be an extreme change for most dieters. One benefits of the hormone itself is that it can act as an appetite suppressant which will help. Before you start this diet make sure you commit to sticking to the diet.

Following your six week diet protocol your weight loss will be permanent. Even better now that you have lost weight it will be easier to exercise and your metabolism will be working efficiently making it easier to keep weight off. Once you have lost the weight the real goal is to start eating right and exercising regularly. The oral hcg diet can give you a jump start to a new and healthier life. Make it the last diet you try and start enjoying the benefits of healthy living.

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