Start Grilling Fish on Your Portable BBQ

In many ways, fish is one of the hardest to cook in an outdoor cooking environment. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a portable BBQ grill or not. The natural composition of fish is largely why they’re rather difficult to prepare outdoors compared to, say, steak or any other meat.

Fish is not as hardy as steak. Without the right equipment and utensils, fish could easily and immediately break off before you can even get them to the grill. Careful handling is also necessary while cooking and serving. If you end up puncturing its skin while grilling, you risk letting all its juices out. Ultimately, you’ll have dry fish that simply won’t taste as good as it should even if you use all the best spices in the world.

Some people opt to take the easy way out by wrapping their fish in aluminium foil. Granted, that will keep your fish beautifully intact but if you do so, there’s no point cooking it on a portable BBQ grill. It won’t get any of the cuts and smoky flavor that grilling can achieve. Only the aluminium foil – but not the fish – will end up getting smoky. What good would that do?
If you’re set on using additional utensils or equipment for grilling fish, you could try using barbeque baskets. They may make fish harder to clean than usual, but it will lessen your hardships when grilling at the same time. You’ll also be incredibly thankful once you need to cook the other side of your fish and you have to start flipping. Without those barbeque baskets, flipping would be a significant challenge.

You probably know that fish would grill better if they’re brushed with oil. If you’re using barbeque baskets, don’t forget to brush them with oil as well. This will prevent your fish from clinging to your basket and come out intact. And have fun, healthy foods such as fish can be enjoyed even on the grill!

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