Going Slow Carb: I am not Skipping Breakfast

Day Five into the slow carb diet plan, and let me tell you, I am excited for my free day tomorrow!! But that aside, I wanted to talk about breakfast and the challenges that it holds for so many.

For me, the challenge is not about what I eat, but more about WHEN I eat. You have to remember I am a mom and for some reason, getting kids up, ready for school, fed, put together with backpack and lunch, plus my husband and foster adult who also need breakfast and lunch, plus I currently have daycare kids that come in the morning, and then everyone to school and/or out the door by 7:45….blah, blah, blah…typcial mom right? So, my schedule has been: get that coffee made! Drink as many cups as it takes! Get everyone where they need to go, come home, and THEN make breakfast. The time that I have been eating breakfast for years now is between 9 and 10. I did not realize how important it is to eat breakfast within a half hour of waking.

So, this whole week, the first (okay, maybe second) thing I do is eat a two egg breakfast (just scrambled in canola oil with a sprinkle of salt). This is not to the letter for the diet, though, because I should be adding some lentils and veggies to it: like black beans and a tomato. My philosophy on this is, hey, at least I am eating a protein packed breakfast within a half hour of waking. With time, maybe I can become more organized.

Things your Slow Carb breakfast should ideally be:

1. Nutrient dense: Ferriss recommends eating protein, vegetables, and a form of lentils. One reason for adding the beans or lentils in is to help give you energy to perform your day. One of the problems with a low carb diet is that people lack energy because they are not getting enough carbohydrates.

2. Eaten within a half hour of waking: Again, this kick starts your metabolism. Ferriss shows a case study (his dad) whose fat and weight loss stalled because he was not eating breakfast early enough. Ferriss also shows the benefits to eating eggs in the morning, especially for women who lost 65% more weight than a control group.

3. Protein rich: The protein is what fuels your muscles and aids in fat loss. If you do not get enough protein, then part of your weight loss will come from your muscles and not your fat storage.

Ways to make breakfast easy:

1. Be prepared! Hard boil some eggs, buy the types of canned beans that you like, have some salsa handy (I make my own so I don’t have to worry about high sodium or sugar additives), have fresh or frozen veggies handy.

2. Figure out what works! So far I am just eating two eggs for breakfast, but I recently watched the Four Hour Body Three Minute Breakfast and am now inspired to add some frozen Spinach to my eggs and just see. The video is actually a little over 6 minutes, but it is not hard to do.

3. Ferriss also said his mom liked cottage cheese (the one exception to dairy) and I think added a tomato to it….you do not HAVE to eat eggs in the morning. So find something that will work for you.

4. My husband does not buy into this diet (yet), and I don’t even think he can tell I am doing it (yet), but he makes a whey protein shake in the morning. Again, this is quick and easy. It does not have the fiber or vegetable component, but he is usually eating within that half hour of waking up. If you do this, then take some sliced veggies with you to work for a snack.

My thoughts on the “Bean Thing”:

Okay, I like beans, I am from the Pinto Bean Capital of the world! No joke! I grew up eating Anasazi Beans and Pinto Beans. We never ate them with breakfast though, and rarely at lunch, they were usually part of our dinner.

What I will caution you to do with this diet, and you will still see results, is to introduce the beans into your diet slowly. Do not eat them three times a day unless it is a very small serving. If you are seriously lacking energy during the day, then up the servings of beans. Your system will get more used to the beans and lentils with time, but you have to give your body time to adjust for a couple of weeks. 1 can of black beans is 3 and half servings, so you should not even be eating a whole can a day as it is. (Just a note, beans you boil on the stove are SOOOO much better than beans out of can, but do what you need to so that this diet is easy for you.)

Beans and Breakfast:

Now that everyone knows that I like beans, there is something you should try for your breakfast:

Mix refried pinto beans in with your eggs, or with your eggs and chorizo. It is seriously good. I am not weird, I married into a Mexican family and the first time my mom-in-law made the dish, I was like “Really?!”. I tried it, and it was good. All you have to do to make the slow carb breakfast complete is to add a diced tomato on top, and you have all three key ingredients that Ferriss reccommends: veggies, protein, and lentils.

I would love to hear some of your ideas, concerns, and thoughts on conquering the slow carb breakfast challenge. If you have anything to add, just leave your comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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