Gluten Free Foods and Labels

A gluten free diet is one completely free of any ingredient containing gluten. Items like cereals, wheat, rye, food additives, and oats contain gluten materials. More and more people are being diagnosed with gluten allergies so gluten free diets are coming more to the forefront.

People with allergies need to avoid many baked goods, breads, even ice cream and ketchup. Gluten is also sometimes used in things like lip glass. Labels need to be closely examined to avoid gluten. Since allergies to gluten are on the rise, labels are getting better, but the actual definition of “gluten-free” is different from one country to another. So if the allergy is severe, it can be difficult to stay completely away from gluten.

There are many grain based items that can be used instead of gluten in foods. The most popular ones are corn, potatoes, rice, and tapioca. Beans, soybeans, and nut flours can also be used in gluten-free foods to add protein and fiber.

When checking product ingredients, it can be difficult to tell if gluten is included because the lists often don’t simply say “gluten.” Gluten can be in many forms such as vegetable proteins, various starches, syrups, and oats.

To succeed in having a gluten free diet, one must for sure rule out bread, pasta, and many prepared foods like soups and sauces. Even some so-called gluten free products have been contaminated with gluten. It can be heard to maintain a fully gluten free diet.

Links are being found between the behavior in autistic individuals and diet. Sometimes gluten free foods can help behavior improve. Gluten allergies seem to be mostly linked with genetics and even medications can have fluten. Autistic individuals and anyone with gluten sensitivities are highly encouraged to talk to their doctor before using any medications.

Gluten free foods can be hard to detect because of the current ingredient labeling system. But with more and more gluten allergies occurring, labeling is being amended and improving.

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