Gluten Free Foods List for a Gluten Free Diet

A gluten free diet is a special diet which does not include gluten-containing or gluten-enriched foods. Gluten, normally used for purposes of flavoring, thickening, or stabilizing processed foods, is a protein that occurs naturally in wheat, barley, and rye. This diet is primarily formulated for individuals diagnosed with celiac disease as well as those who have wheat allergies and dermatitis. This form of diet should be followed strictly, and usually, for the rest of the patient’s life.

The Importance of a Gluten Free Food List

A food list allows you to check whether there are any changes you need to make based on your diet especially if you have celiac disease. By making sure that you consume only foods that are gluten free, you can help manage the symptoms of your condition, whether you have celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis or DH, or wheat allergy.

Some of the more common effects of gluten consumption if you have celiac disease include stomach pain and diarrhea. Emotional effects such as feeling sad or angry are also common manifestations of this condition. If you have wheat allergy on the other hand, you may suffer from symptoms such as asthma, eczema, abdominal cramps, nausea, and hay fever or allergic rhinitis. If you have a condition called dermatitis herpetiformis, ingesting gluten may cause you to develop itchy rashes with blisters filled with a watery substance.

A gluten free foods list can help you keep track of your daily diet so you can manage the symptoms of your condition more effectively. Listed below are food choices which are permissible in a gluten free diet:

Gluten Free Food List

•    Fresh meats
•    Fresh fish
•    Poultry
•    Almost all dairy products
•    Rice
•    Fruits
•    Vegetables
•    Pure corn tortillas
•    Buckwheat
•    Corn
•    Cornmeal
•    Sugar
•    Herb teas

The following foods should be avoided if you are on a gluten free diet:

•    Breads and starches
•    Beers
•    Cakes and pies
•    Wheat or flour tortillas
•    Gravy
•    Processed meats
•    Sauces, soy sauce
•    Oats
•    Semolina
•    Chocolate drinks and mixes
•    Malted drinks
•    Breaded meats and vegetables
•    Noodles and noodle soups
•    Fruit pies made with flour
•    Non-dairy creamers
•    Dips for chips

When buying processed products, it is important that you check the labels for any of these ingredients. It is advisable not to buy or consume products which contain the following:

•    Cereal additives
•    Wheat starch
•    Flour
•    Filler
•    HVP (Hydrolyzed, Hydrogenated Vegetable Protein)
•    HPP (Hydrolyzed, Hydrogenated Plant Protein)
•    Dextrin
•    Emulsifiers
•    Malt extracts or malt
•    Gluten stabilizers or any stabilizer
•    Modified food starch
•    Mono glycerides
•    Di glycerides

Even though excluding gluten may be difficult to keep up at first, making the necessary lifestyle changes can help you develop the right diet habits for optimum health and effective management of symptoms. It is also recommended that you keep a checklist at hand as well as to read food packages and labels especially when buying commercially prepared, processed foods.



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