The Very Humble But Tasty Garbanzo Bean

Garbanzo beans are definitely one of the world’s best beans. Also known as chickpeas, they are super-healthy, versatile, and tasty to boot. Let us take a look at all the different ways that this humble bean can contribute to a tasty meal.


First, a good look (or more than a quick glance), of garbanzo bean benefits is in order. The benefits of garbanzo beans are many–thus, the long look. Garbanzo beans help you feel full because of their high-fiber, high-protein content. In fact, they contain so much fiber that you only need to eat two cups to get your daily allowance of fiber in. Likewise, they help keep your blood sugar levels low, especially when eaten in small amounts over longer periods of time. They are a rich source of antioxidants. These are only a few ways that incorporating garbanzo beans into your weekly menu can benefit your body.

Garbanzo beans are not only healthful; they are very versatile as well. One common garbanzo bean recipe is hummus. This Middle Eastern staple is absolutely delicious on veggies, in a sandwich, or anywhere else you need a tasty yet low-fat spread. They are also used in many cold salads. For a quick addition of protein to any green salad, simply top with garbanzo beans in addition to the veggies that you already enjoy. Many vegan recipes use garbanzo beans (also called chickpeas) as a vegan protein base to make many meatless alternatives.

Here is a very basic, very tasty hummus recipe: simply blend up a can of chickpeas, two garlic cloves, and the juice of half a lemon. Flavor with salt and pepper to your liking. For an excellent sandwich, spread a whole wheat pita pocket with hummus, and top with lettuce, tomato, and sprouts. If you are simply needing a snack, use the hummus as a dip for wheat thins or veggies. This is so delicious for any time of day.

This should be more than enough information to thoroughly wet your palate and drive you to the beans isle of the grocery store. With all its health benefits, its tasty recipes, and the myriads of ways that this humble bean can be used, it is an ideal tool for anyone trying to lose weight or simply become healthier. Look for it with the canned beans at your local grocer today.

Note: If you notice an allergic reaction forming after eating a recipe that is made of chickpeas, stop eating it. Some folks do have a severe allergic reaction after eating even a small portion of the bean. This is due to the bean’s ability to produce excess uric acid, which can lead to gout or kidney stones. If you are prone to getting either one of these, please do not eat chickpeas without consulting your doctor.

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