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The website,, hosts a plethora of links to pages featuring free diet plans, techniques, and strategies. One of the most outstanding features on the site is the provision of multiple types of calculators. There are calculators for every dimension of weight loss, from determining the BMI, or body mass index, to nutrient ratios and caloric intake each day. The calculators are very user friendly and walk a visitor through the steps with ease. Based on an individual’s BMI, the website calculator can offer users the best options for targeting weight loss.

A really useful feature of the website’s design is the editors’ pick of the six best weight loss plans and offers insight into each plan. The first plan, Diet Watch, which is an excellent fit for those who would prefer to adhere to a plan that simply changes their eating habits, follows a 12-week intensive eating plan. Another plan encourages and teaches dieters to use the Glycemic Index, which separates good carbohydrates from bad carbohydrates. Dieters who are more interested in eclectic and new diets may prefer the Sonoma Diet, a Mediterranean style program that utilizes many cooking wines and gourmet foods.

By far, the most popular diet plan and the most commonly used by large amounts of the population is Weight Watchers, and also made the editors’ list of the best programs to shed pounds. The successfulness of Weight Watchers is found in the support system that forms the foundation of the program. The only downside, however, to this particular program is the fact that dieters must contribute fees in order to begin losing weight using the program.

The website also offers choices for meal replacement plans, the most popular being NutriSystem. The site also informs readers that unless they are willing to front the cost of the entire plan on a month by month basis, this may not be the right plan for them. The meals in the NutriSystem program are sent directly to the buyer’s house and utilize portion control, which aids in the weight loss program. Another option for meal replacement is a diet called Medifast, which is only recommended for dieters who are more than 75 pounds overweight.

In addition to the suggestions for the best dieting plans and meal replacement options, the website also offers tips and suggestions for simple, daily ways to continue to lose weight. One of the best features of the website is that it offers workout plans and fitness routines for the people who would also like to incorporate an exercise regimen into their daily agenda. The website, is a great asset for those who are eager to change their current habits, start to eat healthy and introduce fitness into their routines. The website offers an abundance of information and answers questions to dieters’ most common fears and concerns with losing weight. It also informs people of their best dieting regimen and what would work well for them. The site is excellent for those who are looking for a free diet plan that works with their needs and desires.

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