Foods That Burn Fat

There are a few great foods that help burn fat. While saying this statement might not be completely true, it is true in the sense that certain foods will “frustrate” fat making those calories less likely to be stored energy (or fat). There is a diverse list of foods that burn fat ranging from foods in the dairy group to the meat group. It is not the type of food here, it is what the food does once it enters your digestive tract.

The thermogenic effect food can have during digestion is important. The calories for many foods used up while digesting  is between 5-10%. These are mainly your high carb and starchy choices such as breads, white flour, rice, and sugar.  Really good choices that use around 30% of their calories just on digestion are: white meat fish, high fiber/low starch vegetables, egg whites, and fiber.

Another fat fighter is one that you see on commercials all of the time: low-fat, high calcium dairy foods. More research is showing that 3 to 3 and half servings from this group per day can increase your your weight loss by up to 70% when compared to other dieters who do not meet their high calcium needs.

Dairy also can be considered among the foods that burn belly fat in particular and make your waistline trimmer. According to Dr. Zemel from the University of Tennessee, using dairy is not just about weight loss, but also about fat loss specifically around your belly region. His study showed that dairy increased fat loss by 67% and belly fat loss by 47%.

How about spice? Cinnamon is right up there and can be considered a fat fighting food because it has the ability to help improve insulin regulation. Cinnamon helps your body use insulin more efficiently: simply put, the less insulin that is released, the less fat is stored. It also helps control sugar cravings  and hunger. All you need is about a half teaspoon per day to reap its benefits.

Another food that has to be mentioned in this post is grapefruit. 3 servings of grapefruit per day consumed with regular meals has shown to help people lose weight (3-5 pounds a month) even if no other changes are made to their diet! Much like cinnamon, it is an insulin reducer and the less spike a person has after a meal, the less likely that extra sugar will be stored as fat. (Please note that grapefruit may have an affect on medicines you may be taking, so consult with your doctor before adding grapefruit to your diet!)

The list below outlines some of the fat burning foods that we discussed above. It is most likely not complete, but the beauty of this list is that none of the items are difficult to incorporate into your diet.

Foods That Burn Fat

  • Egg Whites
  • White Fish
  • Yogurt
  • Lowfat cottage cheese
  • low-fat milk
  • low-fat/non-fat cheese
  • Veggies: cucumber, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, mushrooms, celery, salad greens, green peppers
  • Grapefruit
  • Cinnamon

While these are all foods that burn fat fast, or at least faster than if you eat other foods equal in calories, you really need to try and make life long habit changes to your diet. It is the only answer for permanent weight loss. What this list can do is push you forward into making a few healthy changes now.

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