Perfect Pedicure: Foods For Healthy Nails

Our nails tell us plenty about our body’s health. In addition to providing health information, they are a significant source of looks for many women and some men. The following issues can be remedied by eating some of the top foods for healthy nails.


White Spots

There are many different views as to what causes those unsightly white spots on your nails. Some folks think that each spot is a result of mild trauma or injury to the nail bed. I tend to think that I either damage my nail beds all the time and never remember, or something else is the issue. The other issue that could cause whitish spots is a deficiency of either iron or zinc. If this is the case, you can eat foods rich in these supplements to get rid of the spots. Of course, black strap molasses (unprocessed) is one of your best forms of iron, as are beets. For zinc-rich foods, consider eating nearly any veggie. The last option to consider when trying to cure white spots is that it might be a fungal or other infection. Consult your healthcare provider for further advice.

Ridges on the Nails

Ridges on your nails are generally caused by a lack of moisture in the nail bed. We all know what this means: Drink more water. More water, and more water, are what your body needs. In addition to water, try adding vitamin E oil to your diet. It tastes pretty nasty, so be sure to purchase the kind that come in capsules. Rubbing jojoba oil on your nails twice a day will also help these unsightly ridges. If you still are wondering what else you can do, consider the fact that stress often contributes to causing ridges in the nail bed. If you are under plenty of stress right now and your nails look like plowed furrows, please consult your health care practitioner.

White spots and ridges are perhaps some of the most common nail issues today. Even if these do not afflict you, there are foods you can eat that will give your nails plenty of shine. Add a daily egg to your diet to give your nails plenty of protein and fat. A glass of milk, preferably unpasteurized goat’s milk, will supply the nutrients and minerals that your nails need to develop into strong, gorgeous nails without spots or ridges.

These simple tips will help you design your own regimen for growing out long, healthy nails that will be beautiful with or without nail polish. With the proper diet that supplies every nutrient necessary, you can take charge of your nail care all by yourself. Make your nails beautiful before you even head to your pedicure appointment by watching what you eat.

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