Five Foods For Healthy Hair To Add To Your Diet

Perhaps you are wondering just what the key to shiny, healthy, and beautiful hair really is. Some say it is washing it every day with a particular shampoo, while others contradict this by saying that no, you should shower every other day at most for gorgeous hair. Even others say that how often you shower really has nothing to do with it–it depends on your diet. Who to believe quickly becomes a dilemma. The truth of the matter is that for everyone, the regime may be just a little different–perhaps you should wash your hair every other day, but this does not give you license to dine however you wish. Eating foods for healthy hair will help you achieve the hair you have always dreamed of.


Salmon and Flaxseed
Topmost on the list of foods for healthy hair is salmon. Full of fatty omega 3 acids, this fish is excellent for providing the necessities for supple and soft hair. If you are a vegetarian or don’t like fish, try taking a few tablespoons of ground flaxseed every morning as a way to get in those omega 3s without eating fish.

Dark green vegetables–my favorite superfood!–are an excellent food for healthy hair. In order to produce your body’s natural conditioner, called sebum, your body must have plenty of vitamins A and C. Fortunately for those in love with brussel sprouts, such veggies are chock full of these vitamins.

Another easy snack or salad food, carrots, will provide you with vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential to a beautiful head of hair, and also promotes good night vision. You should try to eat these veggies raw so as to preserve their good vitamin A contents.

Beans are another healthy source of hair health. These legumes such as lentils or other beans have plenty of protein, the body’s building block for hair. In addition, they have plenty of iron, zinc, and biotin, all essential elements for beautiful hair. Try to include them in your diet several times a week for all-around good health.

Oh Nuts!
Nuts make a great snack that is so good for your hair’s health. Eat a variety of nuts to get their full benefits. Brazil nuts will give you much-needed selenium. Walnuts are rich in omega-3s. As for almonds, cashews, and pecans, well, they provide aplenty of zinc; a lack of this important mineral can cause your hair to shred. Make nuts a habitual part of your day.

These healthy foods for good hair will give you a jump start on transforming your mane into a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Remember, it is not just the chemicals and sprays we lavish on so generously; head out of the bathroom and into the kitchen for healthy hair!

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