A Few Basic Food Combining Rules For Anyone

If you tend to have difficulty digesting your food, consider implementing a few food combining rules. What is food combining? Simply put, it is nothing more than being careful what foods you eat with what. While the world of food combining can often become a tangled and confusing set of rules, there are a few basics that could definitely help your healthy eating habits.


Here is an easy combining rule: eat fruit alone. The thinking behind this rule is that because fruit digests so fast, it creates gas when it sits in the intestinal tract with other foods. This creates heartburn, intestinal discomfort, and other minor issues. In addition, separating fruits from other kinds of food helps keep your blood sugar from spiking, thus leading to fewer calories being transferred to the fat stores on your body.

Isolating fruit means that you will not eat fruit with vegetables. Do not include a fruit side salad with your meal. If you are having hot or cold cereal for breakfast, have your fruit either an hour before or two hours after. This time frame is the same for any time you want to eat fruit with the meal. Remember, the point is to keep fruit separate from other foods so that it does not start the decomposition process in the intestines.

Another important food rule that you would be wise to follow is to keep your carbohydrates and your fats separate. For example, if you are having steak, go for the veggies or celery root puree instead of the baked potato. If pasta is on the dinner menu, opt to use a fat-free marinara sauce with whole wheat noodles instead of white pasta with meatballs. Again, this separation will help keep your blood sugar low and your consumed food from becoming simply another pound of unwanted fat.

These food combining guidelines help promote better health and can help waylay many common food/digestion-related complaints. When foods are eaten together in the right combinations, it eliminates the infamous gas issue. Proper food combining helps your body to be less acidic, making it less susceptible to yeast infections, parasites, cancer, and more. It can eliminate headaches, nausea, heartburn, and the like. Lastly, following food combining rules is great for your body in that it allows your digestive tract to get all the nutrients that it needs out of your food groups. As an added bonus, studies show that proper food combination can help with weight loss.

When you pair up food combining and weight loss, better overall health, and rejuvenation, it is clear that such a plan does plenty of good for your body. As a note to all dieters, it is important to remember that food combining does not necessarily mean that you will be eating less food or only vegetables. Rather, you will simply be careful what you eat your vegetables with.

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