Six Fabulous Fish Oil Benefits

The number of fish oil benefits seems to triple every day as more and more research is done and studies are completed on the topic. The reason being is that fish oils contain omega 3 DHA and EPA. These two essential fatty acids are the key to both great mental and physical health and can help to improve an individual’s overall quality of life when taken regularly. So what are the most common fish oil benefits? Here are six of the most notable benefits and what they can do to improve the body and mind:

6. Fish oil is the natural world’s most effective anti-inflammatory!
Omega 3 fatty acids can help to decrease the pain caused by inflamed joints and can actually help control the body’s inflammatory response. This is great news for anyone who suffers from arthritis or chronic pain caused by a past joint injury.

5. Fish oil is a brain booster!
Many of the studies done on fish oil benefits and the effects of omega fatty acids have proven that it can in fact improve memory, mental alertness, focus, problem solving and reasoning. This is why many Alzheimer’s specialists supply their patients with daily fish oil supplements.

4. Fish Oil could be a cancer cure!
Studies have shown that daily fish oil supplements can help to aid in the prevention of lung, breast, prostate and colon cancers. This is due to the omega fatty acids ability to fight off cancer cells and can actually decrease the growth of new cancer cells.

3. Fish Oil regulates blood pressure and can help lower cholesterol!
Omega 3 fatty acids can be a wonder-cure for those who struggle with cardiovascular issues. DHA and EPA can both help to strengthen the heart and the arteries which can as a result improve cardiovascular health. Another important fish oil benefit is its ability to lower LDLs and triglycerides.

2. Fish oil can make you happier!
Though there are fewer studies to prove these health benefits of fish oil, it is still worth mentioning. Some believe that omega 3 fatty acids can improve mood disorders and can actually help to temporarily eliminate illnesses such as depression, anxiety and post partum depression.

1. And finally the most important of all fish oil benefits…
Fish oil may help with attention deficit disorder and autism!
The idea that omega 3 fatty acids could improve the lives of those struggling with learning disabilities and compulsive disorders is the center for countless research studies. And the results have been astounding! Daily supplements of pure fish oils have been found to improve a patient’s ability to focus, relax and become comfortable in social and educational environments.

Benefits of fish oil supplements are plentiful and easy to add to your diet. There are different sources on the market and I would suggest you talk to your doctor to see what they would recommend taking.

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