About Me and Our Featured Authors

While this site has a variety of authors who have contributed many great articles, from nutritious eating to recipes, this page is dedicated to the authors who have contributed some great articles on a continuous basis. They are either educated in the field of health and nutrition or have an extensive background in reading and researching how to live a healthy lifestyle.


Editor, April Fosdick, owner of this website, lives in Colorado with her husband, two children, and special friend with Down’s Syndrome. Holding a Master’s Degree from Bozeman, MT in history and English, she has the ability to research and synthesize information well. She has taught at the community college level, worked with people who have severe and persistent mental illness, and worked extensively with the developmentally disabled population.

Editor’s note: I consider myself a mom first and an educator second. I am determined to raise healthy children and continue educating myself and others about the benefits of eating healthy foods. While there is no specific nutritional degree after my name, writing about nutrition is really no different than writing about history. There is no shortage of information on the Internet about nutrition, however, one has to be able to decipher whether that information is credible or not. I strive to use credible sources when I write as well as apply the healthy ideas to my own, and my children’s lives. I have also tried to include other voices from “life” experts who can write about a different array of healthy food topics.


Stephanie Sibert lives with her amazing three sisters, brother, and parents near the Colorado Front  Range. She holds certification in herbal medicine from the School of Natural Healing and is currently shadowing a local midwife, as well as working as a freelance writer from home. To contact her, visit her blog: Rosebud Midwifery.




Eating Healthy Foods AuthorAmy Skaar is a freelance writer who is passionate about finding ways to live a healthy life. With a 3 year old son who has numerous food allergies as well as a gluten intolerance, she is eager to learn all there is about improving health through proper nutrition, supplements and healthy lifestyle choices.


Our next contributing author is going to be none other than my beautiful mom, Carolyn Fosdick. A lifetime educator, writer, and artist, she has faced many health issues revolving around diabetes. Taking the bull by the horns, she has become more than qualified to write a series of articles about living a healthy life, despite being a diabetic. I look forward to posting them.

Thank you for stopping by. Check out my new challenge with the Slow Carb Diet, and please ask any questions you may have!

Through the evolution of this site, I have come into contact with many knowledgeable people who have contributed some informative articles for this site. Their articles are designated by “A Healthy Eater” and many times includes their names and/or sites in the article or at the end of their article.


If you are interested in becoming a contributing author please contact April.