Three Sources of Natural Fat Burning Food

Unlike the hype you hear in the infomercials, I’m not going to explain how natural fat burning foods promise a rapid reduction of body fat. However I will explain why items in three specific categories facilitate the body’s use of stored energy reserves, specifically those stored in adipose tissue and how fat burning foods can encourage fat burn as a result.

The first category encompasses all the foods that keep insulin levels low, following the eating of a substantial meal. Both complex carbohydrates and fiber rich substances belong in this group. By preventing a large spike in the body’s insulin level, these foods reduce chances for the storage of fat. In the absence of an insulin-rich blood supply, the body sees no reason to create more energy stores.

The second category takes in all the foods that contain a large amount of protein. Such foods raise the level of the metabolism in the protein-filled human system. A higher metabolism results in a “burning” of fats.

While fish contains protein, it deserves special mention in this article. Fish contain another important chemical — omega-3-fatty acids. The presence of that chemical reduces the production of leptin. A lowering of the body’s leptin level tends to heighten the rate at which it makes use of available energy sources.

Now while it helps to understand the importance of the three categories discussed above, the ability to name the items in each category is even more helpful. Oatmeal represents the group of complex carbohydrates. Whole wheat bread also belongs in that group.

Fruits and vegetables can provide the human body with lots of fiber Lentils and beans also contain a good deal of fiber. In addition, those foods can serve as an important protein source.

Meat, poultry and eggs all contain lots of protein. Keep in mind, however, that red meat also has a good deal of fat. Consequently, consumption of meat just fills the blood of a dieter with more material to “burn.” For that reason, poultry, and eggs and, as mentioned, fish do a much more effective job in the way of raising the body’s metabolism, and thus function as fat burning foods.

Any of these fat burning foods can be part of a meal, or can served as an appetite reducing snack.  By incorporating these foods into a sensible diet regime along with a few good fat burning exercise routines each week can definitely help your body burn fat and achieve gradual but lasting results.

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