4 Small Habits That Could Ruin Your Fast Diet Goals!

Choosing a fast diet to help prepare for a special event is a popular decision, made by both men and women near the holiday season. Everyone seems to want to be their ideal weight for events such as Christmas parties, New Year’s celebrations and even for large family get together. But having a fast diet work for you is not as simple as it sounds. Whether you are trying to get by on cabbage soup, or are choosing only low carb foods, there are a number of other factors that could be stalling your progress. While this blog is primarily about choosing healthy foods for weight loss and other benefits of healthy foods, there are some things you can do to aid in your weight loss that aren’t necessarily related to food. The following are four small habits that could be ruining your fast diet goals:

Have allergies? Antihistamines could be slowing your weight loss!
Many allergy medications contain an ingredient called diphenhydramine. This effective, and common anti-allergy ingredient can result in lowered energy levels and can keep you from being active. When trying to work out and lose weight fast, feelings of fatigue can be a real obstacle. If you are suffering from allergy symptoms, be sure to choose a brand of medication that does not contain diphenhygramine.

Love pretty pumps? You may want to choose other shoes while trying to lose weight!

It is true a fast diet can work, but not without some daily activity and exercise. If your work shoes are not comfortable you will be less likely to walk on your lunch break or take a speedy stroll before jumping on the subway. If you are trying to work out a little each day to achieve that hot holiday figure, then pack your work pumps, and commute wearing running shoes!

Keeping your house cool, may mean keeping the pounds!

Some studies have shown that blasting the air conditioning at work or while at home can send your body into a “thermo neutral zone”, meaning your body does not have to work to maintain a regulated temperature. The effort your body makes to cool off is a great way to burn energy stores such as fat. So turn down the temp, your fast diet will prove more effective, and you will be doing something great for your energy bill and the environment!

That daily gum habit could be standing in the way of big weight loss results!
Whether you are chewing a sugary bubblegum ball, or choosing a thin stick of teeth-whitening chews, your daily fit of gum could be adding 150 calories to your daily intake! One of the biggest mistakes made by dieters is to turn to gum as a low fat alternative to other snack foods. But there are very few people who can stop at just one piece of gum. If there is a whole pack in your purse, chances are it will be gone in a day or two. If you have trouble kicking your gum habit for the sake of a fast diet, consider chewing sugar-free varieties or choose a healthier chewy snack such as raisins or dried fruit.

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