Why We Should Avoid Fad Diets

It is an obvious fact that more and more people are suffering from unhealthy weight and obesity every day. The truth is, the American Obesity Association had just reported that there are around 127 million individuals in the United States who are overweight and obese.

This information makes it easy to understand why many people are hooked up with fad diets these days. These diet plans and concoctions are efficient, quick and relatively affordable. In short, they are too good to be true. But they do have their downsides and shortcomings, too.

For one, most of them are designed to work for a short term only.

And secondly, some of them have even been reported to be dangerous to people’s health and well-being.

Why do people fall for these alluring diets?

The problem with people these days is that they are so used to getting fast results that they don’t have any patience to wait. Due to the innovations made possible by technology, people are becoming dependent on anything that can give them an instant outcome. These diet trends are just one of the many things that people rely on for quick answers and resolutions. Although this may sound convenient and promising, it still seems desperate. And because of this desperation, it can lead to people being admitted to hospitals and health care centers later as a consequence of malnutrition and other serious illnesses.

The use of diet pills and the low-carb diet are two of the most popular quick-fix weight loss plans nowadays. The first one can be obtained over-the-counter even without a doctor’s prescription. Although they are said to be effective, they also have harmful side effects that can lead to serious health problems. Some users have experienced heart burn or difficulty in sleeping due to prolonged use of these products. The latter, on the other hand, has its own set of disadvantages. Some of the Atkins diet dangers are decreased blood flow, cardiovascular complications and auto-immune diseases.

People should never forget that it took them time to gain the extra weight. So that only means that it will also take some time for them to lose it, and quick weight loss diets are not going to be a long term solution. This may sound old and boring but regular exercise and healthy eating habits are still the most ideal ways for individuals to shed off their excess weight. That’s why they should stir clear from any diet regimen that encourages them to limit their source of balanced nutrition.

If you are looking for a short term diet, look for one that will help you regain healthy eating habits along the way. On the HCG weight loss plan, for instance, the focus is on foods dense in nutrients, portion control at each meal, avoiding foods high in fat, and limiting liquid calories in favor of whole fruit pieces instead. These are building blocks for sound eating. Vegetables, fruit, protein, and carbohydrates are all needed in appropriate quantities to remain physically healthy and strong.

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