4 Reasons I Love Espresso Pods in the Morning

I’ll admit it, I am hooked on espresso.  It started when I worked at a coffee shop and I had to be there at 4:30 am.  The only thing that I would look forward to when I was making the drive in was smelling that wonderful coffee aroma and then pouring my first latte of the morning.  The caffeine would kick and I was ready to take on the customers.  Now that I have a corporate job, I still enjoy espresso in the morning, but I use espresso pods instead.  Here is just a couple reasons that I just love them:

  • A traditional espresso maker has many steps to make the final product.  You must grind the coffee beans.  The espresso must be measure perfectly and then packed with the correct amount of force into the extractor.  Then you wait for the brew.  Espresso pods skip all those steps.  Simply take a pod out of the box, place it in the brewer, close the lid, make sure the water reservoir is full, push brew.  It is that simple.  I can do that in my sleep.
  • Pods also excel at clean up.  Traditional makers have left over coffee grounds that need to be pounded out of the extractor.  This is a messy (and loud) process.  With a pod brewer, you open the lid, grad the espresso pod and toss it in the garbage.  Done!
  • Because there is almost no prep and no clean up, I am excited to have an espresso drink every morning.  In fact, on the weekend, I will often have two.
  • Lastly, although espresso pods and the brewer are not cheap, they are much less expensive than stopping at a coffee shop each morning for a latte.  I paid for the brewer in just 6 months based on the money I saved by not going to the coffee shop!

If you love coffee as much as I do, you need to consider espresso pods and a brewer.

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