Eating Healthy Foods to Lose Weight: Make it Simple!

The absolutely best plan to lose weight is to simply begin living a healthy lifestyle.  This would involve adjusting your menu, exercising, and cutting out any unhealthy habits.  For this article, let’s focus on adjusting your menu so that you are eating more healthy foods

to lose weight.  There are several easy tips that could be the change your body is looking for.

One of the best ways to incorporate more healthy foods into your diet is to simply add a salad.  And by salad, I mean a green salad.  Forget the potato salad or the coleslaw, we are looking for salads that are vibrant with color.  You can add a salad to nearly any meal — have a small garden salad with your sandwich for lunch, or add a fancier salad to the dinner entree.  The benefits of adding a salad are two-fold.  First, a side salad provides a good source of plenty of vitamins and minerals that are best found in fruits and veggies.  Secondly, the salad will help you to eat less at every meal, and still feel satisfied.  Just because you are giving up potatoes for a salad does not mean you are cutting out all taste and flavor.  During summertime especially, fresh fruits and vegetables as a salad can be a wonderful way to deliciously lose weight.

Yogurt is another healthy food that will help you lose weight.  But beware:  nearly all flavored brands of yogurt (except the expensive, all-natural brands) are flavored with sweeteners that will not work wonders with your health.  So instead of picking out your favorite Yoplait flavor, try plain yogurt with your choice of toppings.  Honey, berries, bananas, or granola are all delicious options.  For a particularly decadent treat, try using Greek yogurt.  This silky delight is made of cream instead of milk and tastes just as rich.  Try yogurt for a snack in the afternoon, or for breakfast to get yourself up and running for the day.

Coming up with a meal plan is another secret weapon when adjusting your menu.  Instead of eating whatever you want whenever you feel like it, plan exactly what you will have for that day and schedule your meals accordingly.  Then stay busy throughout the day so that you are not tempted to snack “just because”.  And remember, healthy foods to loose weight can help you feel satisfied while still eating smaller portions.  As long as your portions remain small, eating five or six meals a day can actually work for you toward your weight loss goal.

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