Eating Healthier: Live Longer, Feel Better!

With the plethora of diseases and elderly ailments on the rise, living longer is often not something to look forward to. Living longer without the many health problems that accompany it sounds great, and one huge contributor to living longer is eating healthier. Eating healthy foods does not only improve how you feel on a day to day basis, it can also make you live longer! Read on and find out how this can be accomplished.

Carrots are a naturally grown food. They contain an extremely high amount of vitamin A which has been proven to increase the ability to see at night. Another amazing thing about this vitamin is that it increases the healing of smoke damaged lungs. Not only this but the dietary fiber absorbed is good for the colon and digestive tract.

Onions are loved by many for the flavor they add to any number of food dishes. Though the effect on the eyes from the juice they are still a staple in almost every kitchen in the world. Onions are high in a chemical called quercitin. This has been found to prevent colon cancer, a wide spread disease that takes many lives. Also, polyps can develop in the intestines. Onions eaten regularly not only reduce the possibility of them becoming cancerous but also cause the polyps to disappear over time.

Avocados are power packed with all kinds of good stuff for the human body. What is not known is that this is a fruit and also a berry. Though there are weight concerns eating them since they are high in calories and fat they also raise the good cholesterol in the system. If staring at a computer screen is a major part of daily regimen than add avocados to the diet right away. The chemical carotenoid lutein helps this. Their high folate content assists in the reduction of heart disease and stroke too.

Raspberries are not only succulent but also a handy snack while stuck in evening traffic. They boost the immune system with all their antioxidant properties. They are high in ellagitannins. This is a chemical that disallows carcinogens from invading connective tissues and keeps them stronger. These little berries are great at stopping and reducing the preformed cells of many kinds of cancer as well.

Broccoli is a lovely, tree shaped green vegetable that most people shy away from. It can be cooked with other herbs and spices to change the flavor if that is the problem but also can be eaten raw and crunchy dipped in ranch dressing. Either way it is high in fiber which promotes digestive health and has powerful antioxidants that reduce the growth of cancer cells. It is high in vitamin C which helps the immune system, combats osteoporosis with its high iron content, is rich in potassium which regulates blood pressure and has chemicals in it that prevent cataracts too. Many of these health problems are mingled with growing older. Adding a helping of broccoli a day will keep you spry and healthy longer.

All naturally grown foods are high in the vitamin and mineral content that is required for a healthy body and mind. They all have antioxidants that help to cleanse the body of all incoming free radicals and also give immunities that they create by growing in the pollution filled soil of modern day industrial society. By eating healthy foods, immunities are introduced into your body and a disease free and long life can be yours just by eating healthier.

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