Eat Healthy Food – 6 Tips to Stay Motivated!

There have been hundreds of fad diets over the years, and while some do indeed work, the results do not always last. The only real way to lose weight and to keep it off is to eat healthy food. You must modify your eating habits if you want to slim down and maintain a healthy weight. Starving yourself is not the answer, either – you must eat five or six small, healthy meals a day. When you do this, the benefits of eating healthy are many.

It can be hard to give up bad eating habits, so here are some tips to help you stay motivated and answer the question as to why eat healthy:

•    Make your goals attainable. Set milestones and meet them, one by one. For example, if you are addicted to caffeine, try cutting it out of your diet slowly. Every few days, lower your intake.

•    Reward yourself every time you reach a goal. The reward should be something non-food related, such as a spa treatment or shopping spree. Every time you successfully eliminate an unhealthy food from your diet, you can give yourself a nice treat!

•    Join a weight loss support group and interact with others who are working toward similar goals. Many people find that receiving encouragement from others helps them make smarter eating choices.

•    Plan each and every meal carefully. You will find yourself less tempted to eat junk food if you go by a detailed meal plan. There are sample plans online that include tips on meals and snacks. Find one that contains food you think you will enjoy and stick with it! This will get easier as you go and you will be amazed at how much your energy increases by eating healthy.

•    For every food you give up, find a healthier alternative to take its place. Are you addicted to candy? Start eating fruits and healthy snack bars instead. Eat carrots and cucumbers for snacks instead of chips. Opt for fat free popcorn instead of butter popcorn.

•    Read about all of the health problems you will have later in life if you keep eating poorly. Hang pictures of people who are fit and slim on your refrigerator and kitchen cabinet doors. Whenever you feel like eating something bad for you, those images will remind you of what you are striving for and what you will lose if you do not eat healthy food!

Follow these six tips to stay motivated with your quest to eat healthier! Making improvements in your diet will not only help you lose weight, it will also increase your overall health.

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