Easy Ways to Lose Weight: 3 Tips

We all want tips on easy ways to lose weight fast! Many of us want to lose weight yesterday. What we have to do to be successful at losing weight is to change our overall habits. This includes our diet in particular, but also includes exercise, outlook on life, who we surround ourselves with, how much stress we allow into our lives, and many other factors. Below are three tips toward developing healthier habits, and they really can be considered “easy” ways to lose weight.

Change Your Sleep Patterns

Who knew that one easy way to lose weight includes simply getting enough sleep every night? People that sleep a full eight hours are less likely to suffer from an overabundance of hormones that increase appetite. When we don’t sleep enough, we eat more!

When people are under stress, one of the first healthy habits compromised is sleep. If the body does not get enough restorative rest at night, or if sleeping patterns are erratic, the hormones leptin and ghrelin can spike during the day. These hormones increase appetite and interfere with the way the bloodstream metabolizes glucose. It seems obvious, but sleeping too little can work against a person’s weight loss goals. Making sure that the body has enough time to rest, preferably around eight hours per night, can jump start weight loss simply by leveling the playing field of the body’s hormone production.

How do you reorganize your sleeping patterns and make them normalized to healthy levels? People can often make changes to their patterns of sleep on a subtle but consistent basis.  Aiming for a bedtime of at least twenty minutes earlier than normal is a great initial effort for moving out of the comfort zone of going to bed later. Since it is somewhat of a shock to the system to try to fall asleep at a drastically earlier time, getting into the habit of going to bed twenty minutes earlier per night and getting up the same time each morning can help someone ease into maximizing nightly rest. Gradually, the body gets used to the earlier bedtime and starts getting the restorative rest it needs, which normalizes hormones involved with appetite.

Reorganize Your Caloric Intake

Social convention often dictates that dinner, supper, or the latest meal of the day should be the most substantive. However, recent findings support the idea that the bulk of calories should be eaten earlier in the day. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper is a new maxim. The idea is that ingesting the bulk of the day’s caloric intake in the morning serves to jump-start the body’s metabolism, setting it at a higher base rate throughout the day. By shifting emphasis to the first meal of the day, breakfast, versus the last, dinner, it is possible to enjoy many caloric-rich yet healthy foods, while the caloric intake works for, rather than against, the body’s metabolic furnace. This furnace can get off to a steady burn earlier in the day for longer-lasting energy.

Eat Grapefruit

One last tip on easy ways to loose weight is to start eating a half of grapefruit with every meal. Studies have shown that without changing anything else in diet except for this addition, people lost 5-7 pounds on the first month. The reason? Grapefruit contains a component that helps keep insulin levels even throughout the day and prevents a “spike” in insulin that encourages our bodies to store fat and calories. (If you take medication check 6and make sure grapefruit will not interfere with your meds.)

Aiming for about eight hours of sleep, rethinking the timing of caloric intake, and adding grapefruit to our diets are three simple habits that can jump start the body into a steady rhythm of weight loss. Simple tweaks like this are easy ways to lose weight. They do not require a complete overhaul to the way we approach our lives and can become thoughtless habit within a month that we will be thankful for a few months later.

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