Diet Snacks: Can Low Calorie Snacks Help You Lose Weight?

So many people want to lose weight and are looking for the right strategy, the right method, the right plan that will work for them. I know. I am right there with you. Diet snacks are going to be part of any plan, whether you are looking for low carb diet snacks, low cal snacks, or low fat snacks. Low calorie snacks are not always the right answer. You have to eat enough calories to fuel you body and the meals should be eaten on a more or less regular schedule throughout the day. You cannot starve yourself to lose weight at least in the long term view.

I actually think that the word “snack” is not the right word we should be using. Studies have shown that we should be eating five to six smaller meals throughout the day. This will help sustain your energy levels throughout the day, stave off hunger pains, and prevent binging. So whether you want to call what you are looking for a snack or a small meal, you probably are looking for some healthy food choices. Selections that are easy, quick, and can aid in your weight loss journey.

Diet food does not and should not be all about salads and rice cakes. Lean protein, dairy, and whole grains are extremely important when you look at the bigger picture of sustainable weight loss. With that in mind along with the idea that you should be eating 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day rather than 2-3 big ones, here are some great ideas and things to consider when searching for healthy diet snacks:

  • Spread your meals out throughout the day. Try and plan what you will have in between your main meals so that you do not get so hungry that you end up overeating.
  • Don’t buy processed and so-called healthy low calorie snacks, try to go as natural as you can. Fruit, veggies, nuts, yogurt, whey protien, egg whites, whole grain breads and cereals, and raisens are just a few ideas (and many can be mixed together to make some great and filling snacks).
  • If you are a calorie counter and plan your meals out throughout the day and week, try to make sure your morning snack includes some lean protien and dairy. Fruit smothies or egg white omelets are a great way to make you feel full longer and even out your energy.
  • Stay away from too much caffiene. Caffiene curbs your appetite, and that is not a bad thing, but you have listen to you body and know when it is hungry. 1-2 cups is fine, but more than that can cause more harm than good, especially if you are using high calorie creamer.
  • Stay away from too much alcohol. Alcohol increases your appetite and lowers your inhibitions. After a couple of drinks, unhealthy and unfilling food selections sound soooo good!
  • Think moderation. If you do not know what a healthy serving is, then take the time to learn. A few beers, a piece of cake, or some nachos aren’t going to destroy your diet, but if this is a daily habit, then you are probably putting weight on rather than taking it off.
  • Recognize when you want to snack and why. Are you truly hungry? Is it emotional eating? What is your triggers to overeat? If you can figure this out then you are one step closer to solving some of your unhealthy food decisions.

Finding the best diet snacks for you and fitting them into a daily routine will be a challenge in the beginning. Losing weight is not easy, but it can get easier if you have and use the right tools. Diet snacks can be one of these tools. If you figure out a system that will work for you, I bet that within a month you will not only see yourself losing weight, but you will also feel better and have more energy.

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