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National diet meal plans and other weight loss systems are all around us: Weight watchers, slim fast, L.A. Weight Loss, Nutrisystem, The Zone Diet, Atkins’s Diet, detox diets, xenadrine, dexatrim, Alli, and the list goes on and on. Finding a diet plan and foods for weight loss can be overwhelming, expensive, and challenging. Overwhelming because everyone claims there product or service is the best. Expensive because weight loss anything seem to cost a lot of money. And challenging because if you decide to adhere to a program, you often feel deprived from the foods you like and enjoy.

If you do not have a lot of money, or do not think a regimented diet meal plan will work for you, then exhaust your free resources first. I believe you can be hugely successful with a personal diet plan that is created for your individual personality and lifestyle. A great place to start when looking for free diet meal plans is If you like support from others who are trying to lose weight, pointers about food, eating and diet snacks and daily motivations sent to your email, then this site can help you push forward in losing those pounds.

If you are not into support groups or really into being online much, then check out a few books from the library. You can choose from an array of useful information, get some great recipe ideas, and create a list of foods and meals that will work on the “me” diet. Diet books are plentiful and so my suggestion is to find some that talk about WHY you may be overeating, or where your unhealthy habits developed. There is more to creating a diet plan than just food. While it is great to be informed about the right and best food choices, you should try and avoid or at least recognize the foods and stimuli that cause you to overeat in the first place. Books that help you examine your own personal food history may be as beneficial to you as the books purely based off of fat, calories, and carbs.

Diabetic diet meal plans can be extremely important if you are pre diabetic or diabetic. It is also great for your whole family as it can teach your children healthy eating habits and help prevent them from becoming diabetic. Online sources for diabetic diets are plentiful as are books in the library. Talking to your doctor can also help point you in the right direction when looking for a healthy diet plan. Also, sticking to a diet plentiful in low glycemic foods will be important for you as well.

One last point I would like to make is about a low carb diet and other “quick” weight loss diets that may seem like the answer. These type of diets may look very attractive and appear to have quite a bit of studies to back them up; however, I would seriously reconsider doing a low carb or other diet that actually tricks your body into losing weight (not to mention lacking in many nutrients especially the very foods we need for healthy brain function.) For example, there is controversy of whether low carb diet meal plans are healthy or not with the majority of information I have read showing that they can increase your risk for certain cancers and obesity. They are also extremely difficult to stick to for a long period of time.

Healthy diet meal plans are all around us. Finding them can be as involved as you want them to be, while sticking to an actual eating plan is the difficut part. When it comes to the “sticking” part I suggest not being so hard on yourself. Find a way to change your eating habits over time. This may make weight loss slower in the beginning, but a lot more permeanent in the long run. Plus, you will feel better, have more energy, and be teaching the rest of your family how to develop healthy eating habits as you go.

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