Two Undervalued Yet Super “Diet” Healthy Foods

Imagine living to over a hundred with all your friends and family, with scarcely a trace of any sort of cancerous disease ever even noticed.  Such was the state of the Hunza tribe in Turkey before the introduction of civilized foods.  Once the tribe began eating foods from a western diet, cancer began to make its appearance and the lifespan was reduced dramatically. 


This story is a powerful testimony to the old saying that what you eat is what you are.  If you are sick, tired, overweight, and looking for a way to improve your health, don’t turn to the fad diets that promote a product that will help you lose weight.  Turn to living, wholesome, and nutritious foods that will nourish and heal your  body.  Brown rice and leafy greens are two of the most unknown super foods that can help you lose weight while enjoying tasty foods.

Brown rice
Introducing brown rice into your diet can help you in several ways.  First, it will help you to feel full after consuming only a small portion.  Next, brown rice acts like a broom inside your intestines, with its great quantities of fiber.  Scrubbing down your intestinal tract will help the other healthy foods you eat to be utilized to a greater extent instead of fermenting, as is often the case.  Lastly, brown rice is an unspoken source of many vitamins and minerals.  When doctors in Asia began feeding their sick patients brown rice instead of polished white rice, the patients made a rapid recovery.  Even the pigeons who were fed the leftovers became healthier, too!  Brown rice can do the same for you.  The key is to not eat too much of it—it is high in calories, so only a little bit is necessary for a meal.

Leafy Greens
One of nature’s most perfect foods, dark leafy greens are another unspoken hero in the weight loss world.  They provide an amazing amount of vitamins and minerals; the darker the leaf, the more nutrition packed in.   These vegetable super foods also help to alkalize your system—a key component to good health.   Enjoy a variety of greens in your salad for lunch.  Each different kind of leafy green provides a distinct and wonderful flavor.  Experiment and find a combination you like.  Leafy greens can also be enjoyed sauteed, blanched, or lightly steamed with a bit of olive oil and sea salt and pepper for garnish.

These two diet healthy foods should help you add variety and spice to your daily diet.  And always remember that eating diet healthy foods should translate into eating wholesome, unprocessed foods that can nourish your body so that it can be healed of its afflictions.

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