Examples of Crash Diets

We’ve all seen and heard them before, and listed below are some of the more common examples of crash diets that have circulated around the internet and word of mouth.  A traditional diet promotes steady weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week.  Crash diets seek to help you lose weight more rapidly.  Many examples of crash diets can be identified by the “single named food” diet formula, such as the egg diet, the cabbage soup diet, or the Hollywood Juice diet.  The far majority of time (if not always), crash diets are never as good as a true traditional eating plan.

As the names suggest, the core of these diets is built around a single food item.  The egg diet is essentially a high protein, virtually zero carbohydrate diet which will trigger rapid weight loss through calorie restriction.  When Adrien Brody went on this diet he ate boiled eggs (or omelets), as well as grapefruit, salad, skinless chicken and fish.  The result, 30 pounds of weight loss in 6 weeks time, averaging to five pounds per week.

The cabbage soup diet consists of a seven day plan of cabbage soup loaded with other veggies.  The claim is that, followed correctly, ten to fifteen pounds of weight can be lost in that week.  Weight loss is achieved through calorie restriction and hunger cravings are eased by high fiber and water intake, making the dieter feel full.  The diet is meant to give a psychological boost of rapid weight loss transitioning into a more traditional diet losing one or two pounds per week.

The Hollywood Juice diet, another of many examples of crash diets is the oddball of this list as it is the only diet mentioned here that carries its own line of supplements.  Though traditionally designed as a 24 or 48 hour juice fast the Hollywood Juice diet line now carries cookies to be used as meal replacements.  Weight loss can be up to five pounds per day and the recommended duration is no longer than two days.

The one thing that all these crash diets have in common is that the severe calorie restriction and dutiful obedience will net you an average of five to ten pounds of weight loss anywhere from a day to a week.  Resuming regular eating habits after a crash diet will naturally negate the effects of dieting, and though there are many of these examples of crash diets follow the basic framework of what constitutes a crash diet, their pros and cons.

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