Cooking Gourmet Food on a Budget

If you love to cook, especially gourmet type foods, but you are on a tight budget, there are still ways to make great tasting foods without spending a fortune on the ingredients. The best way to begin learning to cook gourmet foods while adhering to your budget is to look at and research a wide variety of recipes. Although some may not be listed in the gourmet foods sections, they may very well be quite good in taste and also a “pretty to look at” dish to set on the dinner table. There are millions of recipes available online and even tucked away in the cupboard of your grandmother’s house, all of which can easily and inexpensively be turned into a gourmet food.

Essential Ingredients in Most Gourmet Foods:

Spices, meat rubs and marinades are some of the most essential ingredients in gourmet foods. They can make even a very inexpensive piece of meat taste like it’s been prepared by a true chef. Check through the recipes for your favorite foods, and see which spices are called for. Spices can be purchased quite inexpensively, but can make a huge difference in the way a dish tastes. A roast beef can be very bland and boring if not cooked properly, but if it is first marinated in an inexpensive rub or homemade marinade sauce, and then slow cooked all day on low heat, it can taste outstanding.

Cooking Gourmet on a Budget:

If you want to try cooking actual foods that are commonly known as gourmet foods, you can do so if you are prepared to search the different specialty stores for less expensive ingredients. Many gourmet foods call for expensive mushrooms. One way to prepare the same dish at a lower price is to search out mushrooms at any local ethnic type of food store. This type of store often has hard to find ingredients at a better discount than a chain store. When it comes to gourmet, cooking on a budget can be difficult, but with a little effort you can find the best places to buy your ingredients and save yourself money.

How to Make Dishes Appealing to the Eye:

One of the keys that professional chefs use in the final preparation of their meals is the extra special way the dishes are presented. This is not at all an expensive technique, yet can make a world of difference in how the dish is viewed. If in doubt, next time you go to a restaurant, look at how your dish is served. Normally you will see a display of fresh parsley on the side with possible a single, sliced strawberry sitting atop of it. Decorating the dish and the food itself, is only limited by the amount of imagination you have.


Cooking gourmet food on a budget can easily be done by cutting a few corners, learning to exchange ingredients slightly, shopping at a wider variety of stores, and being able to first picture the dish you would like to prepare in your head. From there, buy only the ingredients that are absolutely necessary, using slightly less expensive types of meats, such as chicken or a less highly priced cut of beef. Everyone gets tired of eating bland foods, so cooking a few gourmet dishes every once in a while may make the cook feel as if they are breaking away from the normal every day meals, and providing a tasty and unique dish.

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