Coconut Products: From The Marvellous Coconut

Coconuts are some of the most highly touted health foods of our day.  They also compose some of the most popular health products that claim miraculous results.  While these products have many benefits in their own right, they cannot fulfill the miraculous claims laid upon them.


Coconut Water

The benefits of coconut water are definitely geared for the athlete.  That being said, I should be careful to point out that this drink is not everything that it is touted to be.  Many scams claim that it is the absolutely most wonderful sports drink with amazing qualities.  It is indeed an amazing drink that athletes can use after a workout; however, some experts say that water is just as wonderful for post-workout recovery.  If you love the taste of this immature coconut, by all means drink it; but I would not worry about going to the store just to get a can of coconut water.  You might be wondering where coconut water comes from.  This watery liquid is found in the middle of an immature coconut and will eventually solidify into coconut meat.  Coconut water is full of potassium-some sources say that it contains up to twice as much of this mineral as a banana.  It is relatively low in sodium.  Its merits as a sports drink also include a good dose of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.  As a source of many minerals, coconut water is an excellent supplement, and many athletes may find that it helps their body recover easier than if they had used a sugary sports drink.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is another product made from coconuts that has many benefits.  First, it stabilizes your blood sugar.  Secondly, coconut milk keeps both your blood vessels and skin nice and elastic.  It helps prevent anemia with its 25% daily dosage of iron in only one cup.  Likewise, coconut milk helps reduce extra weight.  With all these benefits of coconut milk, why not add a bit to that curry dish simmering on the stove for supper.

Coconut Oil

Highly acclaimed as one of the miracle products of today’s healthfood stores, coconut oil is another product of coconuts that has many benefits but not as many as are proclaimed.  My family has personally experienced the benefits of coconut oil, so instead of heading into a plethora of research, I will share with you our personal findings.  First, coconut oil is an excellent skin care product.  It does wonders for rashes, eczema, and the like.  If you have a rip on your palm or an open blister, apply a bit of coconut oil to which has been added a drop of lavender essential oil.  It will heal beautifully.  Likewise, coconut oil is an excellent substitute for butter–if you are lactose intolerant or simply want to get off dairy, consider using coconut oil instead.

Coconut water is awesome, but promises no special miracles.  Coconut milk is tasty and provides many minerals that few people get enough of.  Lastly, coconut oil works wonders externally and internally.  Indeed, the coconut that produced them all is a marvel of nature itself.

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