The Food Paradigm Is Shifting

The old way of eating is making a shift. It would actually be better said that the old way, the real, old, natural way of eating is making a comeback. Our food is diminishing in quality every single year with no end in site. More and more people are saying enough already and going to a cleaner way of eating.

This new way of eating is nothing more than eating the way we were meant to eat in the first place. This clean eating meal plan is choosing foods that are as close to how they appear in nature as possible with as little intervention from humans as possible. The fact is, the food we are eating is making us sick and the effects can be seen everywhere in this nation. In fact our western ways are now going global and many nations are seeing health epidemics they have never even known before.

Even if you try to eat healthier you are at a disadvantage if you buy your fruits and vegetables from the typical big chain grocery store. The fruits and vegetables mostly come from huge farms that are profitable because they are subsidized by the government and because they use the same land year after year. Land is supposed to rest for a season to give it a chance to replenish the nutrients in the topsoil. We literally have a top soil epidemic in this country and the fruits and vegetables are becoming more and more deficient.

Part of the reason the fruits and vegetable are so bad is that they are sprayed with nasty poisons to kill the bugs but this poison gets absorbed into the plants and then eaten by consumers. This is why there is a shift to clean eating; we have had enough of being sick and depressed — two results of poor nutrition. You don’t need to resort to having to use extreme weight loss tips if you are eating clean. This type of eating allows the weight to simply fall off. When you are eating the way you are supposed to then your body naturally regulates itself. The revolution has begun, have you had enough yet?

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