Cinnamon Benefits: Ready to Add Some Spice to Your Life?

I walked into my sister-in-law’s house the other day and let me tell you, I wanted to know, “What’s for dinner!” The aroma coming from her crockpot on the counter made me wonder. When I looked in, I saw good ol’ fashioned bean chilly! But it smelled just a little better than usual, so I asked her what she had added. Any guesses?

It was cinnamon!

It got me wondering where else cinnamon could be used and how healthy cinnamon actually was for us.  There is a previous post on this site: Six Marvelous Benefits of Cinnamon, and this article will expand on those six ideas! A tasty addition to a variety of dishes, cinnamon offers many health benefits that could change your life.  Read on for further details on its miraculous properties and family-friendly, yummy ideas.

Cinnamon benefits both women and men.  For one, it has been discovered to aid in significantly lowering cholesterol (LDL) levels in the bloodstream.   It can also have a profound effect on regulation of blood sugar, making this an ideal everyday spice for those with Type 2 Diabetes.  For those who have heart issues, cinnamon is a wonderful blood thinner and anti-clotting agent.   Here’s another amazing fact:  cinnamon has the ability to reduce bacterial, viral, fungal, and most microbial growths in food and the human body. So it’s good for you, and your food, too! These are only a few of the health benefits of cinnamon.

Now that we’re confident of that cinnamon is healthy, how can we incorporate it into our daily diets?  Nearly countless ideas abound.   Pre-ground cinnamon powder from the grocery store can be sprinkled on shakes, yogurt, fruit, applesauce, even coffee, for a delicious breakfast.  Lunch and dinner dishes, too, can be greatly enhanced with a dash or two of cinnamon.  Try adding to steamed vegetables or rubbing over a breast of chicken before cooking.  It’s great on a piece of grilled fish, too.    If you have cinnamon sticks, these can be boiled with some soymilk and honey for a delicious winter drink.  Or throw in a stick to that pot of beans you’re preparing for tonight’s dinner.   Cinnamon benefits can be enjoyed in every meal.

If you are looking for ways to employ cinnamon’s anti-microbial powers, look for therapeutic grade cinnamon essential oil.  Just a drop of this on your hands will kill any potential pathogens.  This oil can also be added, just a few drops, to soups, juices, and other foods as a preservative.  Please note, I cannot stress enough how important it is to get therapeutic grade oils from a reputable source.  Many essential oil distillers are now labeling their oils as therapeutic grade, when in reality they are not, and are full of fillers and other things that detract from the power of the oil.  So if you desire to use cinnamon oil as a medicinal herb, go with a therapeutic grade essential oil.

Cinnamon has been around for ages, employed to bring healing and relief to mankind.  Today it is largely known as a culinary herb; but it can still help those who need it.  Implementing this spice into your daily diet could help a whole host of issues.  All the health benefits of cinnamon make it well worth it.

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