Cholesterol Lowering Foods: You May Be Able to Avoid Medication

In the age of fast food, vending machines, and an abundance of overweight children, schools and parents should be looking at cholesterol lowering foods to ensure that heart disease is kept to a minimum.  Our country has fallen for the deception that every medical condition can only be solved through medicating society, when just the opposite is true, as far as lowering cholesterol.  Changing eating habits is one of the easiest and proven ways to lower cholesterol.  There are several different types of foods that have been shown repeatedly in studies to reduce cholesterol significantly.

One such food shown to lower cholesterol is oatmeal and oat bran.  Oatmeal contains a special fiber that lowers the bad cholesterol in human diets.  Making a simple breakfast change, such as eating a small bowl of oatmeal each day can drastically reduce the amount of negative cholesterol in the body.  Adding a small cup of fruit or even a few slices of bananas to the oatmeal lowers the cholesterol levels even more.

Another surprisingly simple food to lower levels is the nut, mainly walnuts and almonds.  These two particular nuts target blood vessels and help to keep them healthy.  Eating a small amount of nuts for a snack can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease, which is something that may make everyone sleep a little bit better at night.  A great way to substitute nuts into a daily diet would be to try replacing croutons with almonds or walnuts in a salad.  Another great thing is that walnuts and almonds tend to be a food that many children seem to enjoy eating, which helps when trying to lower the nation’s overall cholesterol and obesity problem.

Introducing fish into the diet is an additional healthy way to lower cholesterol.  Fish, especially those high in the Omega-3 acids, do things like reduce blood clots and blood pressure—two things that can be directly affected by high cholesterol.  Excellent choices for Omega-3 fish are salmon and sardines.  If someone really cannot stomach the strong taste of fish, especially the latter two, another supplement for Omega-3 acids is in canola oil, which can be used in everyday cooking.

Cooking shows on television often try to influence people into using olive oil in their dishes that they are creating at home, and the truth is that olive oil is another excellent way to reduce cholesterol.  The primary purpose that olive oil serves is to lower only bad cholesterol, and studies have shown that using extra virgin olive oil is even better for the body.  An easy and delicious way to incorporate olive oil into the daily diet is to sauté different foods in it, such as chicken and vegetables.

Even though high cholesterol seems to be a prominent problem in present society, there are alternatives to taking medications, some of which may cause other problems in different parts of the body.  People need to take their health into their own hands, stop relying so much on modern medicine to fix heart disease, when a simple solution is to simply be committed to eating more cholesterol lowering foods at every meal.

Please note that it is important to see your doctor regularly and talk with them about your best option for lowering your cholesterol. Diet may be the answer for many individuals, but there will always be exceptions to this rule.

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