Celiac Disease Symptoms Understanding What Your Mind and Body Goes Through

Celiac disease symptoms occur when a persons small intestines become unable to absorb nutrients. Gluten is the main trigger in this process, as it prompts an unhealthy response from the immune system. Thinking that the substance is a foreign invader, the body begins attacking the villi, a protrusion that helps break down food within the small intestines. Physical and mental symptoms result, as the damaged villi can no longer process nutrients.

The physical symptoms associated with celiac disease come about for two reasons. The first and most prominent involves malnutrition, while the second centers on the malabsorption process itself. With malabsorption, celiac sufferers experience gas, diarrhea and bloating in the abdominal area. These are not as serious as the symptoms associated with malnutrition. In that situation, sufferers can experience muscle problems, osteoporosis, nerve damage and anemia.

In terms of ones mental health, many sufferers have to deal with celiac depression. It occurs because the body is unable to consume mood-enhancing nutrients, such as Vitamin B6 or tryptophan. For many patients, the process of switching to a gluten-free diet solves this problem, since it allows them to absorb the nutrients their body needs. Others may actually need supplements andor psychological therapy.

In conclusion, celiac disease symptoms are inevitable if you are at risk for that condition. To find out for sure, you should get an antibody test at your next checkup. If it is determined that you have the disease, you will be instructed to go on a gluten-free diet. Do not freak out at this request. There are many delectable foods that are gluten-free. Many of them might already be in your diet, as an increasing number of manufacturers are trying to make their foods more versatile. Just look at the products label. Stay away from the food if there are no disclaimers about its gluten content.

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