Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner On A Candida Albicans Diet

A Candida diet is designed to help get rid of an overgrowth of the Candida albicans yeast in the body.  By concentrating on foods that restrict yeast growth and avoiding foods that feed the yeast, the diet helps address the root cause of Candidiasis rather than just focusing on symptoms.  As a Candida albicans diet requires you to cut out all sugars and refined carbohydrates many people find it hard to imagine what life is like, so in this article we provide examples of what breakfast, lunch and dinner look like on a typical program.

Breakfast:  Although you may not be used to eating vegetables for breakfast, on a Candida diet you will be encouraged to eat raw vegetables such as cucumber, carrot and pepper.  Eggs are fine too so don’t hesitate to prepare some eggs with your vegetables.  It’s probably best to steer clear of fruit and fruit juices as these have high sugar levels.

Lunch: How about fajitas for lunch?  Chicken, pork,  beef or even seafood will work fine.  Saute up the meat with some vegetables.  Peppers always work with fajitas, so feel free to add these.  Combine with a salad, ideally containing raw garlic.  Garlic contains antimicrobial properties so it’s highly recommended on a Candida diet.

Dinner:  It’s beef for dinner.  Any recipe will do: fried, stewed or an oven cooked meal.  Remember to add lots of vegetables and garlic into your cooking.

Just by reading though these food ideas you’ll quickly notice that a secondary benefit from following a Candida diet is weight loss.  Your vegetable intake will go up considerably, perhaps to over 60% of your overall consumption, and by cutting out sugars and complex carbohydrates, your calorie intake will fall.  You should also find that as the yeast population in the gut reduces, so will your sugar cravings.  Now that’s one way to get motivated isn’t it?

For more details on Candida diet plans head on over to FungusFacts.

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