Cabbage Soup Diet: Dieters Beware

I tried to provide at least one positive point for this diet, but, I am very much against fads such as this one! Take that to heart as you read!

The cabbage soup diet has been buzzing around weight loss circles for years.  Even today, it continues to spark debate and be promoted, demoted, or ignored by anyone who has any opinion on the matter. While the cabbage soup diet offers a quick solution to those wishing a weight-loss miracle, it neglects to offer adequate nutrition in the meantime.  This article is answer to the ever-common question, is cabbage soup diet healthy (or safe).


The cabbage soup diet is a very monotonous diet that is completed only a week at a time, with recovery weeks between every dieting week.  This fact alone should tell you that it is a dangerous diet.  The diet itself consists of the famous cabbage soup, fruits, vegetables, brown rice, and beef.  The total calories consumed daily on this diet range between 800-1050 calories.  Nearly every nutritionist or healthcare practitioner will tell you that any diet that instructs you to consume less than 1,200 calories every day is a dangerous one that should be avoided.

Experts urge dieters to avoid the cabbage soup diet for one simple reason:  it sets them up to fail.  The only reason the cabbage soup diet works is that it contains so little calories that your body is forced to use your fat reserves.  There is nothing magical in the cabbage soup itself.   Now during the week that you will try this diet, your body will go into starvation mode.  Once you are finished with the week, your body will hold on to each and every calorie that you consume.  This will only lead to a heart-breaking re-gain of every pound that you lost and more.

There are other issues to deal with if you plan to go on the diet.  First, there is a good chance that you will feel very light-headed.  Unless you drink plenty of water, you will get dehydrated.  Lastly, the cabbage soup will most likely create plenty of gas, and this can cause some very embarrassing situations.  Of course, you will probably feel very weak and listless, too, during your diet week, because of the so few calories that you are consuming and the diligence with which your body is working to preserve itself.

I hope I have painted a negative-enough picture for any reader to become dissuaded from every trying any cabbage soup diet recipe for a week-long diet.  Having black-balled the diet, I do want to say that there is indeed one positive to the whole plan:  Those who embark on the diet will probably consume more vegetables than they are used to, and will hopefully develop a taste for healthy foods that will carry over into their menu beyond the cabbage soup diet.  Fad diets such as this will never work in the long run; only healthy eating, a good exercise plan, and a positive attitude will provide lasting results.

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