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Known for it’s rich and hearty taste, buffalo meat is a great choice of meat that many people enjoy. For hundreds of years, buffalo was the main staple in the American Indian’s diet. The Indians prized the buffalo highly, and did not waste any part of the precious meat. Sadly, during the late 1800’s settlers hunted the buffalo for sport and the population of buffalo that once numbered in the millions came close to extinction.

Buffalo Meat is Quality, Protein Rich Meat

Thanks to conservation efforts, the number of buffalo in America has increased substantially over the years, and there are now many places where you can buy good quality meat. You are not alone if you have never tried buffalo before, and feel a little hesitant about trying a new thing outside of your comfort zone. Once most people try buffalo, however, they are surprised about how good it tastes. Besides the great flavor, buffalo meat has many health benefits, and can be used in many delicious recipes that the whole family will enjoy.

The taste of the meat from buffalo is often compared to beef, and it can often be substituted easily into dishes that normally call for beef. Buffalo burgers, roasts, and steaks are all very popular dishes. In addition, the meat goes well with a variety of sauces and spices. It is important to take in consideration, that due to the high protein and low fat content of buffalo, it can be more quickly overcooked than beef. To make your meat as tender as possible, make sure to cook it at a lower temperature, and check the meat often. If you are grilling it, keep it a little bit further from the flame than you normally would, and make sure to turn it often.

Not only is buffalo a delicious meat that can be easily incorporated in many recipes, but it is also a very smart choice nutritionally. In comparison to beef, buffalo has significantly less calories. On the other hand, it is very high in protein, and has higher levels of vitamin B12 and iron than can be found in other meats, which in turn can protect from B12 deficiency.

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