Benefits of Wulong Tea

What is wulong tea and what can it do for you?

Like many Chinese teas, wulong tea is full of health related benefits. It is known worldwide as one of the most valuable and cherished teas, only being harvested in a few specific areas of Fukien province.  This seemingly magic tea is said to have been used in countless remedies and is believed by many to improve numerous bodily functions including immunity and blood pressure.

Similar to the health benefits of green tea, wulong tea bags are stocked full of antioxidants. Shown in studies to improve digestion, metabolic rate, immunity and even signs of aging these antioxidants are the main reason why wulong tea is loved by so many around the globe.

There are many types of wulong tea, all named for their individual harvesting regions in china. However, the most famous is definitely “big red rode”, a flavorful, but light tea which is used for both daily enjoyment and ceremonial tea service.

For those in North America, wulong tea is a relatively recent discovery. As the public’s interest was sparked by the ancient and proven benefits of green tea, more and more people ventured into the world of tea hoping to discover other antioxidant rich brews.

Wulong slimming tea has also been said to assist with weight loss. This of course is not proven but is more than possible since the tea is capable of increasing the body’s metabolic rate. When enjoyed regularly wulong tea is said to reduce the body’s need for new fat stores and as a result helps to body find and burn old fats. Wulong tea reviews can be found, but beware of sites intentions of selling it exclusively for weight loss.

Other benefits of wulong tea include:

An ability to rid the body of alcohol related sickness. Wulong tea has been used for centuries in china as a trusted hang-over remedy.

Some believe that a cup of wulong tea can help with concentration and problem solving.

Some women in China drink wulong tea to relieve the discomfort of both PMS and menopausal symptoms.

Wulong tea is served to those who are ill to settle the stomach, cure nausea and relieve headaches.

Similar to all the benefits of green tea, wulong tea is believed to have cancer-fighting ingredients.

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