Benefits Of Oats Are Worth Your Breakfast

That old-fashioned breakfast our grandpas loved is a healthy and wonderful meal, after all. Scientific research over the past decade has shown that while your children may enjoy the taste of pop-tarts better, their tummies and bodies prefer the filling bowl of oatmeal instead. Oats benefits are many and provide everyone in the family with a healthy start to their day.


Fiber Counts!
Of course, we all know that the benefits of oats include a high fiber count. What many of us do not understand is the myriad of ways that fiber can help our bodies. The special fiber that oats host is thought to help reduce cholesterol in the bloodstream. Lowering your cholesterol will help you reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Oats also contain antioxidants that help protect your LDL cholesterol from free radicals that roam your body. Of course, all the fiber in your bowl of oatmeal help to reduce your blood pressure, too. With all these amazing benefits that fiber brings, oatmeal is an excellent way to kick off your day.

Boosts Immunity
Oatmeal also contains compounds that help your body’s immune system dramatically. In each bowl of oats, oatmeal, or other whole oat product, there is a compound known as beta-glucagen. Beta-glucagen helps your neutrophils (main defense in your immune system) navigate quickly to the site of an infection. Once they arrive on-location, this compound helps your defense cells to quickly eliminate the bacteria. No wonder Grandma always gave you a bowl of oatmeal at the first sign of a morning cold!

Diabetics Can Benefit Too
Several benefits of oatmeal also greatly help diabetics. Besides helping them keep their blood sugar levels stable, oats contain a high amount of magnesium. Now this may not seem an important fact in itself, but the real news is that this mineral is used to produce over 300 enzymes, some of which are used in the body’s use of insulin and glucose. If you are at risk of getting diabetes, especially type 2, consider adding a bowl of oatmeal or a snack of granola to your daily menu.

Oats Protect From Breast Cancer
Yet another benefit that comes from the humble oat is protection against breast cancer. Yes, you read correctly. Studies have shown that women who ate over thirty grams of fiber from oats or whole fruits and veggies lowered their risk of breast cancer by
fifty-two percent!

If you are living a healthy lifestyle and eating a healthy diet, you can easily enjoy plenty of fiber every day. This fiber will work wonders for your chance of getting cancer.

As demonstrated, oats are a high-quality food that should be brought back into the American diet. Such an implementation would improve health in the eaters thereof. By simply eating a breakfast of tasty oatmeal with a few berries and a bit of milk, you can give your body benefits that will last throughout the day.

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