The Baby Food Diet: The Newest Fad

The Baby Food Diet Plan is a new plan that is taking the diet world by storm. The brain-child of Tracy Anderson, the plan has been used by this personal trainer with several Hollywood celebrities. With all the hype surrounding it, perhaps you are wondering just what is the baby food diet plan. The answer, in itself, is quite simple. Basically, you eat baby food fourteen times a day instead of your normal meals. Appetizing, isn’t it? The idea is that you will be eating fewer calories by eating little portions of baby puree than if you were to eat normal meals and snacks.


Is the baby food diet safe? This is an important question that needs to be answered before embarking on a pureeing journey. There are, unfortunately, several flaws that any dieter should be aware of. First, baby food is very low in fiber. This means that you will most likely be constipated after only a day or two of embarking on the diet. Unless you wish to supplement your baby-food diet with Gerber’s baby cereal and other fiber sources, the diet is not recommended. Secondly, baby food is designed for babies. Their digestive systems cannot handle more complex foods; their teeth have not come in, so they cannot chew; and small stomachs that cannot hold as much food as grown ups can. The danger in this fact is that while you might be trying to eat fewer calories by eating a jar of baby food every hour and a half, the truth is that you will most likely eat too many calories due to natural hunger pains.

Chewing your food not only burns calories; it also helps you feel full. If you are only swallowing down a half cup of puree (that could have as little as 15 calories in it), your body will most likely not receive the feeling of satisfaction and satiety that you normally would feel after eating normal food. This can easily lead to eating too many calories in an effort to feel satisfied.

Coupling the baby food diet and weight loss is hardly a good idea. For one, you will very quickly tire of the myriads of different flavors of baby food that you must eat every hour and a half. Secondly, there is a big danger that you will constantly be hungry and thus over eat. This is the exact opposite of what any diet should do for you. Lastly, there are side affects to the diet, including continual hunger, constipation, and nausea.

If you are seriously trying to lose weight, you must take responsibility for what you are doing that is preventing you from losing it. Fad diets will not work; they will only come back to haunt you in the form of more pounds than you lost. Instead, increase your activities and decrease your calories for a lifestyle that will not let you down.

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