Have You Ever Though About Making the Switch to Almond Milk?

There are some amazing health benefits of almond milk. This is an excellent option for vegans, vegetarians, or simply for people looking for a healthy milk alternative. Take advantage of these great nutritional and health benefits!


Comparing Brands
There are different brands of almond milk that will have slightly different nutritional values. Other factors like sweetened or unsweetened recipes will also influence the nutritional values. Generally, one serving of almond milk contains 3 grams of fat. However, there is no trans fat, saturated fat, or cholesterol. There is one gram of protein, which is 3% of your daily value. It also will contain 7 grams of sugar, unless you purchase an unsweetened carton of almond milk. The glycemic load is very low, making this a great choice for diabetics. There are plenty of vitamins and minerals in almond milk such as calcium, vitamin D, vitamin E, and B-12. A large portion of the calories come from the added sugar, however, this can be eliminated with unsweetened almond milk. Almond milk contains more nutrients than dairy milk or rice milk, making it an ideal choice for a balanced diet.

Benefits of Almond Milk
There are also some truly valuable health benefits from almond milk. It is perfect for people trying to lose weight. Unsweetened almond milk contains just 60 calories, and it can replace other unhealthy drink choices. It is also great for heart health. Since there is no cholesterol, you can keep your bad cholesterol levels down by replacing dairy milk with almond milk. It also helps maintain good blood pressure levels, since this beverage is low in sodium. We all associate dairy milk with strong bones, but almond milk is just as good for them, if not better. Almond milk contains both calcium and vitamin D. These two nutrients combine to promote strong bone growth. Because of the high amount of vitamin E, almond milk is also good for your skin. The B vitamins will help you feel more energetic, and help your muscles better utilize energy.

Incorporating Almond Milk into Your Diet

In order to receive these almond milk benefits, it has to become a regular part of your diet. Some people might be leery about replacing something like milk, which they have probably had their entire lives. However, the health benefits are too great to ignore. Try selecting a flavored carton of almond milk to start with. Chocolate or vanilla taste great, and chances are you will like them more than typical dairy milk. As you get used to the taste, you can switch over to unsweetened and unflavored almond milk. Also, try adding it to your cereal first. Most people cannot even tell the difference when the almond milk is combined with cereal. Again, this will help you get used to the taste. Most people love the taste of almond milk and are happy to incorporate it into their diet. Make sure you treat almond milk like dairy milk in terms of storage. It needs to be refrigerated and tastes best cold.

The health benefits of almond milk can help you feel better and eat better. It is nutritionally rich and contains many vitamins and minerals. To have an easier time switching from dairy milk, try flavored almond milk first. For the most part, people like the taste and do not miss dairy milk. Try this healthy alternative!

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