The Basics Behind Alkaline Foods And An Alkline Diet

Alkaline foods are a very broad category of foods, yet at the same time they are very specific. These foods are some of the most healing and beneficial foods on the planet, but they are usually sadly missing from our daily diet. Find out what these foods really are and how they can benefit everyone who eats of them.


Perhaps you are wondering just what alkaline foods really are. In truth, they are nothing more than foods that help to neutralize the pH in your body. Most American foods today are acidic foods–they only help to make your body a very acidic place, prone to disease, hurts, and pains. Alkaline foods, however, give your body a chance to heal itself and function the way that it was created to function. When your body is in a near-neutral state of pH, you can function at your very best.

The next question you may have is which foods are alkaline. My basic answer to this very question is that any whole and raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and seeds are about as alkaline as you can get in the food world. On the opposite end of the spectrum–that is, foods that are definitely not alkaline–are the processed foods, the frozen dinners, the junk food, and the like that Americans daily stuff themselves with. A basic rule of thumb is this: If your dinner looks rather bland, neutral, and dead, you can be sure that it is an acidic meal. An alkaline supper will be full of color, vibrant life, and bright pop. I don’t know about you, but personally I think of a steak and mashed potatoes with a few token mushy broccoli pieces on the side versus a colorful salad with a few pieces of tender grilled chicken atop.

That being said, there are definitely foods in the natural state that are more alkaline than others. Here is a very brief alkaline foods list to aid you in your grocery shopping.

*Green Leafy Vegetables

I know I have mentioned “green drinks” before. This is an ideal way to alkalize your body fast. Please remember when purchasing your green leaves that the darker green the veggie, the more benefits it will give you.

*Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass juice is an excellent way to alkalize your system. If you cannot find the juice or can’t afford it, you can buy wheatgrass in the produce department of your health foods store and juice it yourself.

*Raw Nuts and Seeds

These, too, are an excellent alkaline food that will supply your body with many nutrients, fats, and protein while alkalizing your body. Look for raw nuts and seeds in the bulk section of your health food store.

These three categories of food are perhaps some of the most alkaline foods in the world. Implementing them as a major part of an alkaline diet will give your body benefits that truly cannot be matched. Drop your dead meals today for a menu that will give life and energy.

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